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@EmmyttWolfe I don't he is being a hypocrite though I understand why one would think so. You should check out this really good interview: (sorry I don't know how to make it clickable. But it is the latest Peter Jackson interview by DP30) at around the 33:30 mark he goes into more detail on the subject than what is done in the article.

And I don't think the decision to split the Hobbit into three movies was driven by cash. God knows he has already got plenty of it, and he seems to live a very modest lifestyle with the fortune he has (and has stated he wants to go back to making smaller New Zealand movies in the vein of Heavenly Creatures). Whether you like the movies or not (or think it was the right decision) I think the reason to split the movies into three was simply in order to make the movies that he himself wanted to make.
In my eyes the quotes does not seems to imply that here will be a reboot nor necessarily a recast, but more that the franchise could be taken into another direction. The stuff about Garfield being fired seems to be more like wishes/opinions from Alan Orange than anything else.
I usually try not to be too judgemental towards early trailers (since they are just an early representation), but this looks like some bad straight to DVD release. Salvation got some hate (though I thought it was decent; not great as the first two, but miles ahead of the third one), but when compared to this I think it will grow a lot in appreciation.
@shuabert Casting can have a big say whether the studio will go through with it or not (especially on a production this big). And maybe Scott has fought and lost this battle before, and simply knows from experience that it would not work?
@jasonkat CGI in trailers are rarely ever completely finished (especially in teasers). So it will probably be polished up. But I think it looks alright so far.
Great director. Rest in peace.
Big fan of Gattaca so this should be good.
These Doctor Strange casting rumors needs to stop. Lately it's like there is a big new candidate every single day.
Agent-Cooper wrote a comment about the news item Twin Peaks Will Be Revived on Showtime in 2016
@brian Awesome to hear
Agent-Cooper wrote a comment about the news item Twin Peaks Will Be Revived on Showtime in 2016
That is FANTASTIC news!! Although I was kind of hoping it would be on HBO or Netflix where there is a lot of creative freedom (I'm not to familiar with Showtime). But this is no time to be negative!
@shuabert Totally agree. Phoenix is a great actor, but Hawke is a huge talent aswell. My respect for him has grown A LOT in the last couple of months after watching Gattaca (a hugely underrated sci fi gem), and the Before trilogy (Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight. That is one in the handful of great trilogies where each chapter is fantastic - and he was a co-writer besides being one of the two main actors). So I'm all for him having a meaty role in the Marvel cinematic universe.
@gandoff Well, the original Star Wars trilogy was actually done by three different directors. George Lucas directed A New Hope, Irvin Kershner directed The Empire Strikes Back and Richard Marquand directed The Return of The Jedi. So I don't think it is that weird.
A bit of a misleading headline maybe?
Agent-Cooper wrote a comment about the news item Saw Returns to Theaters This Halloween!
Phew, for a moment I thought they were gonna make another one. This is a relief. The franchise pretty much got worse with each movie (though VI was better than V and probably also IV). The first one is actually a quite good flick
Damn, I thought the remake kicked ass...
Just... stop.
@ejk1 You are actually resorting to name calling? Really? Yeah, you are obviously the intelligent one here. The reason why I didn't comment on the Sinister Six thing, is simply because I don't feel like there's a whole lot to discuss on that front since we in fact know very little. All we know for sure is that they are making a Sinister Six movie and it will (obviously) feature six villain characters. While there has been a lot of hints and teases of who might appear, only few (if any) have actually been 100% confirmed, and we have no idea what their individual roles will be and at what capacity they will appear. Most of it is just speculation really. Will it be bad? It might be. Will it be good? It might be. A LOT of things can change in the next couple of years and we can't really know for sure what route they will take. So it's a bit pointless to debate when it is still in such early stages. We simply don't know whether it will be good or bad until we have actually SEEN it for ourselves (which brings me back to my original point).

BTW I think you and me are the only two people who are clicking on the article at this point.
@ejk1 "But yeah, continue focusing on the one aspect of my comment instead of the overall point. It amuses me greatly..." You know, I could actually say the exact same thing to you, since you seem to completely ignore the point of what I'm saying. But again in all fairness you also said: "I don't care about whatever your point you're trying to make" so I guess I just shouldn't bother since this is apparently the equivalent of talking to a brick wall.


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