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"Good, not more than that. Still, Oscar worthy in some aspects.. Sometimes a bit Boring, but captures the innocence of children excellently."
@julianroman Hope they did a gr8 job, still i was verryyy eagerly waiting for the 4th Spiderman(tobey). I will agree with you that spiderman has always been the record breaker in terms of collections. :)
  • Acyuta_dude gave it 2.0 stars

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@julianroman which Spidey film version would you prefer- Tobey or andrew? :)
@julianroman Yeah, Amazing spiderman and tdkr, should be at their peak to even compete with the avengers :)
Excellent review, the movie deserves the 5star rating.. :).. and as you mentioned each avenger had their moment. And yeah, this film is a result of 6 different films all of which were mediocre(except IRON MAN and IRON MAN 2).
GREAT REVIEW... Superb film with humor and Excellent action scenes.
@Srikanta-Mithra Thankyou bro !!!!
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Good review..
great review, very detailed. And the movie was superb :)
@hermansusanto Yes, and no, i had that doubt too, but after watching the movie, i felt that the presence of these superheroes is surprisingly sufficient for this Excellent film :) :)
Acyuta_dude reviewed the movie Marvel's The Avengers

"Here it is, the MASTERPIECE we've been waiting for!! The BEST comic book movie ever; (No Spoilers)"
@hermansusanto Yeah, it proved to be an awesome flick.. Thnx for reading my review and for the positive response :) :)
@sean Thank you :)
@hermansusanto thx :) for the postive response.... :)
Acyuta_dude rated the movie Kahaani
  • Acyuta_dude gave it 5.0 stars

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"Best Mission Impossible; Watch it atleast 10times; you'll not get bored.."
Acyuta_dude reviewed the TV show Naruto Shippuden

"Best Anime; Best Background Score; Best character development; Best Story;"