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CelluloidDreams rated the TV show Gotham
  • CelluloidDreams gave it 3.0 stars

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I was that blown away by the film!. But still nice to know for a holiday gift.
Looks fascinating....! Michael Keaton is making a comeback and I smell Oscar nod for Best Actor!??.
MEH!. I was expecting more "Gothic"!.
Should I still pay to see the film!!?!?.
the show was a strange mixture of seriousness and camp!.
still looks like a remake of ...Witchboard (1986)....but I'm game if nothing else is playing I want to see!.
CelluloidDreams wrote a comment about the news item Keanu Reeves Wants to Return for Speed 3?
I guess the rent is due!?!?.
CelluloidDreams wrote a comment about the news item Bond 24 to Begin Production December 2014
Not worth it....already own the "Alien" boxset.
Looks amazing!.
amazing cast and crew...can't wait to see...on my "Must see" list!.
WOW....last ditch for cash..
Don't know about this! Sounds like a quick grab for $$
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