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The Blu-ray DigiBook is amazing...I'm game....glad I waited for this!.
EPIC!!... I need to win since I see so many movies in a "theater"!.
Cool...I really liked this film!!!....I would give it a B+!.
No need for a sequel...just would be a cash grab...leave it as is!.
CelluloidDreams wrote a comment about the news item Is Robert Pattinson the Next Indiana Jones?
LOL!!!....this is a joke right?!??!.. the guy can't act his way out of a paper bag!!!!
looks good!
CelluloidDreams wrote a comment about the news item Left Behind Trailer Starring Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage is getting stranger and stranger....
OK I'm going to say it ....I neeeever heard of Flula Borg!!!.
strange...but interesting!!.
Not feeling this!...
more publicity!
It was bound to happen.!
Did anyone see this in theater!?!?.
Not a no brainer.!
I'm gad I didn't waste money to see it I theater.,..I will wait for rental!.
Looks amazing....