Two 'The Killing' Season 2 Trailers

We also have the Season 1 recap to help catch you up to speed before all-new episodes debut starting April 1st, only on AMC.

The Killing returns April 1 on AMC
The Killing returns April 1 on AMC
The Killing returns to AMC for Season 2 starting April 1st with Episode 2.01: Reflections and Episode 2.02: My Lucky Day. We have the first two trailers for this upcoming debut, as well as a The Killing Season 1 recap to catch you up to speed.

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The Killing episode 2.1, "Reflections" stars Mireille Enos, Billy Campbell, Joel Kinnaman, Michelle Forbes, Brent Sexton, Kristin Lehman, Eric Ladin, Brendan Sexton III} and is directed by Agnieszka Holland}.

The Killing episode 2.2, "My Lucky Day" stars Mireille Enos, Jamie Anne Allman, Liam James, Seth Isaac Johnson, Joel Kinnaman, Eric Ladin, Colin Lawrence} and is directed by Daniel Attias}.

Sources: TVweb

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