The Amazing Race Asia (2006 - 2010): Review By Deac4253shane

"Absolutely The BEST Reality TV Show Yet!!!"
"You can view my 8:00 minute Slideshow of The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 by entering this Link in your Web Browser:

"With three previous seasons of The Amazing Race Asia winning audiences and fans across Asia, it is no wonder that over 2,300 applications were received for the fourth season of the award-winning reality series. I have watched all 4 Seasons & I must say each & every Episode from start to finish it is the Most exciting TV Show I have ever watched!! Each of the 10 teams are made to use the combination of fitness, endurance, having good communication skills between teammates and a good sense of humour. It really tests each of the Teams Skills with navigating from Country to Country, City to City & using their knowledge Desyfering the clues & the challenges given to them. It also highly challenges their wits & stamina to handle the stress the Race imposes on them to be the first to check into each Pitstop to not only become the winners of the entire Race but, each first place check-in at the Pitstops wins big cash money or 7 day all expense paid vacations. But, the BIG win is the Team that checks in at the last Pitstop will be The Amazing Race Asia Season Winner, winning $100,000.00 US Dollars & the Title. Not only does the show have it's serious side, through the whole course of the race watching the things that happens to the Teams or the things the Teams may get themselfs into, will absolutely leave you in tears rolling on the floor in laughter! But in the end,."

"As for the Season 4 2010, The theme is; "On a Ride of a Lifetime!" taking the 10 Teams from Malaysia, Austrailia, Hong Kong, South Korea, India, Oman to Russia & back to Malaysia." I guaranty you, if you have never watched The Amazing Race Asia, you will quickly become an adicted Fan! I like the Asian Version better than the America Version myself........

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