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  1. DoubleR0522


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  2. Mwheeler1324

    I got my mom into this show! When it first showed the pilot. She has been hooked ever since, and she is 59yrs old! That's unbelievable she not usually into action shows but she has watch ever episode of season 1. She loved the season finally cliff hanger!!

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  3. jMac

    Ive seen episode one and two..... worth the watch!

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  4. justincase

    I thought it was solid, as well. I've got it on the DVR schedule.... here on out.

    At least FOX knows better (for the most part) than to cancel shows in season 1. They wait sometimes into 2nd/3rd to let a show get its audience.

    Good thing its on FOX and NOT NBC!

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  5. T.Clark

    I don't watch Burn Notice, so sign me up for HUMAN TARGET! lol Seriously, after watching the pilot, I am hooked. I have to check out the graphic novel now.

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  6. XSSIV

    Yeah... It's fine, but the premise is too close to Burn Notice. Like Fox realized that USA (an under-rated network) has great/hot shows and they're trying to knock them off. I'll watch it, but Burn Notice is still the REAL DEAL!

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  7. Rock

    love the dc vertigo run of human target , but not sure if this will be aired in canada

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