Robot Chicken (2005 - 2014): Review By barroncan

Can you imagine,Barbies having to go naked cause the Bratz gang rules the streets,one legged GI Joe's panhandling,My Little Pony's=colored glue,Thanks to Robot Chicken their all employed,. and played with regularly..
'Great show,perfect for people with short atten... oh and the skits are awesome, funny and.. oh I gtg watch my bears on it toni....or is it Strawberry Shortcake?.......She did What to Who!?...ohh noooo ! She was a good girl,my favorite,that red hair,sweet smell,cute little dress..actually really short now that I think of it,you could see her undies....wait wait Who are we talking bout? OOhh I remember..was it Britney Spears?!NO! Now I remember it was about your Mom!.. I'm right aren't I? Let's go watch that Mechanical Poultry show we love....what's it called again?"..." Robot Chicken? Naah that's stupid."

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  1. barroncan

    May not be good but I really enjoyed writing it!

    3 years agoby @barroncanFlag