Regular Show (2010 - Present): Review By internetwin

It's Anything But
Regular Show is Cartoon Network's attempt to try something completely different, but still be just as entreating as their classics. Slightly based on the shorts by J.G Quintel, Regular Show follows Mordecai the blue jay and Rigby the squirrel, the two 24 year old groundskeepers at a local park, and their ridiculous and surreal adventures. With main characters totally random from Benson the gumball machine to Skips the yeti, Regular Show is completely random and unique, and very very entertaining.

It's clearly trying to bring in a slightly older audience with mild cuss words, and more mature jokes, Regular Show is not for everyone. But if simple animation, funny characters, creative plots, and great entertainment are right up your alley, I highly recommend this show, it's one of the best things on tv at the moment.

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