The Queen of the South Plot

Everything begins with a simple phone call that changes Teresa’s destiny forever. Her boyfriend had warned her that if the telephone rang, it meant that he was dead and that his enemies would come for her because, in this dark business, people must pay for treason with their own life and the lives of their loved ones.

The story of “La Reina del Sur” spans three continents, after the dreaded phone call that forces Teresa to escape to Spain and a series of subsequent events mark her life forever.

Teresa eventually arrives in Melilla, a Spanish city in Northern Africa, where she falls in love with another handsome drug dealer, Santiago Fisterra (Ivan Sanchez), who shares all the secrets about speed boating, sailing and surviving the Straits of Gibraltar. Teresa ends up in prison, where her cellmate, Patricia O’Farrel (Cristina Urgel), turns her into a refined and elegant woman. Upon her release, Teresa becomes linked to the Russian mafia and heads the grand empire of a drug ring, heading a usually male-dominated industry.

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