The House of Batiatus, a training camp for gladiators, is on the rise. Quintus Batiatus, with his loyal wife Lucretia by his side, is ready to succeed his father and climb over anyone who gets in his way to make his mark on the Roman Republic. Everything is going as planned as Batiatus basks in the glow of his champion Gannicus and the rise of his latest recruit Crixus. Batiatus' rise is unfortunately halted when his house falls on hard times and it will take more than a mere gladiator to inspire greatness and turn his fortunes around. When a Thracian slave named Spartacus arrives, Batiatus sees the fire that burns in the man. Under the watchful eye of a Doctore, a gladiator trainer, Spartacus rises through the ranks to become the new champion, bringing his master glory and riches. However, when Spartacus discovers the truth behind his wife's death, he plots to avenge her and leads Batiatus' slaves in a bloody uprising. Gaius Claudius Glaber, the Roman responsible for condemning Spartacus and his wife to slavery, is charged with quelling the rebellion. But Spartacus, with the brotherhood of gladiators by his side, is a formidable opponent. And as the rebellion swells, Spartacus will carve his name into history.

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  1. CUPID

    I Am Spartacus!!!

    12 months agoby @cupidFlag

  2. RojoDiablo

    Awesome show!

    4 years agoby @rojodiabloFlag

  3. Haroldl

    best show aired...lookin for more intense, thrilling seasons

    4 years agoby @haroldlFlag

  4. Punkpryncess

    It REALLY sucks that this is premiering on Starz, cause i don't have those channels. It would be Really nice of the network if they can premiere this on the website when it premieres Jan 22. It definitely will be easy for me to watch this and became a fan right away. I love history, even ancient greek and roman history. So this show has caught my attention ^_^

    4 years agoby @punkpryncessFlag

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