Season 1: Episode 2
Aboard the Wraith, Ren awakes to the sight of Bloth's scout ships outside a porthole. Ioz and Tula are already topside, but can't stop arguing over the best way to elude Konk and his men. The scouts force the Wraith into a trap, then the Maelstrom makes its appearance. To avoid Bloth, Ren steers the ship into a cave, where the crew is captured by a race of pale warriors called the Atani. They are brought before King Obric, who doesn't believe their story until Ren shows him the First Treasure of Rule. At dinner Tula sneaks away to search through the library archives. The king gives Ren and crew some provisions, only to send his soldiers after them when he discovers Ioz and Tula have stolen from the palace. Ren makes them return the stolen items, but Tula secretly keeps one scroll she took from the library. Ren offers to bear their punishment, and King Obric is swayed by his nobility. Unfortunately Konk has slipped aboard the Wraith, and takes Obric hostage, demanding the Compa

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