Season 1: Episode 20
After getting into a big argument at the not-so-exciting school dance, Jack, Courtney, Marcus, Missy and Randy (guest-star Cam Gigandet) decide to drive to an after-party, but a deadly car accident prevents them from making it to their destination. They collide with a deer on the road, as Courtney flags down a truck driver as the episode begins and stems back to the hours before the accident. At the end of the episode one of the four are dead, Missy. Meanwhile, Grace agrees to chaperone Bobby's school field trip, much to Bobby's dismay, which proves to be a hurtful and eye-opening experience for Grace.

Also, Grace and Bobby sneak into Independence Hall and take a look at an original copy of the "Declaration of Independence." Lastly, in the future Pres. Robert McCallister's eldest son, John "Jack" McCallister talks about the day his younger 16 year-old brother Henry died in a car accident after driving drunk and his involvement in the matter of his brother's death.

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