Very entertaining episode, despite parodied on Taken
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Tonight's Family Guy shows a parody of the action film "Taken", which focuses on kidnapping and one has to get her back. Well, now it's Brian and Stewie's turn to do this.

Meg cannot stand school due to facing horrible students, and has to leave school for a new semester in Paris. This is yet another Meg-related episode which focuses on being horrible to Meg. She and Ruth, her friend go to Paris together, where when they get there they meet a man who is willing to share a taxi cab together to their airport.

However, Ruth gets kidnapped by a group of men (who is actually the man (well, one of them) who shared the taxi with Meg and Ruth), and Peter tells Meg what to do, but it wasn't successful. The phone conversation was pretty funny, as it was kind of putting Peter's stupidity and laziness in it. It was actually a straight rip-off from the film.

Because the FBI cannot take Meg back (well, to search for her), Brian and Stewie take action themselves. Brian has to "borrow" money from Stewie. I remember watching season 3-7 episodes and I remember the one where Brian borrowed money from Stewie, but he cannot pay it back, so Stewie beat him up. Maybe the writers forgot about it.

Meg is sold as a sex slave, to which Stewie has to pretend as one too. He plays "California Gurls" by Katy Perry, and his dance was pretty hilarious. The action scenes were also pretty entertaining when the guards try to beat them down.

Overall, this is yet another Family Guy parody episodes, and was done nicely and in a funny way.

Grade: 4/5

Grade: B+

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