Season 1: Episode 10
Hunter's ex-boyfriend, Jonah Mumford, arrives on the set to direct that week's episode. Hunter has no interest in him until she learns that he is set to direct the next Matt Damon film. Jonah continually berates Courtney in front of the entire crew. When she confronts him, he tells her that he considers her a great actress and is just trying to challenge her. Jonah and Courtney kiss in full view of Hunter, who was supposed to be his date for the evening. Hunter gets revenge by telling Jonah that Courtney is using him to get closer to Matt Damon. Courtney and Hunter nearly tear each other apart during a catfight scene. Jonah then reveals that he pitted them against one another to ensure that they gave authentic performances. Hunter asks Dave to buy her some new lingerie from Victoria's Secret. Marcy accompanies him on the excursion, and expresses interest in a set of silk pajamas. She doesn't buy it for herself because it seems more like something that would be purchased as a gift for a loved one. Dave sells Hunter's old lingerie and uses the money to buy the pajamas for Marcy. Just as he is about to approach Marcy, Hunter stops him and calls him to task for selling her underwear. He has no choice but to pretend that he bought the gift for Hunter. Quentin tries to help Rob get over a break-up by taking him out to meet women. However, he steals every woman that shows an interest in Rob. Rob retaliates by writing an impotence storyline for Stone.

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