Season 6: Episode 9
Assistant Director Skinner collapses in the gym and is taken to hospital, while recovering he receives a phone call telling him he has only twenty-four hours to live. Mulder finds Skinner on the couch in his office, having difficulty seeing and calls in Scully for her medical expertise, as he toys with the idea that Skinner may have been poisoned. They question Skinner about the events of the day, he recalls bumping in to a man in the hallway, using the FBI close circuit TV tape they identify the man as Kenneth Orgel, an adviser to the US Senate. Scully goes to see Skinner's doctor and discovers the tests on Skinner's blood reveal bits of carbon multiplying and building structure in his system. The Orgel trail leads Mulder to his contact on Capitol Hill Senator Matheson, who has supported him in the past, but is not forth coming about the current case. As Skinner takes a turn for the worst and is rushed to hospital, Mulder discovers that he was doing a security review of new technology export laws that could be linked to his current condition. Scully thinks she has found a way to remove the carbon from Skinner's blood, when she tells him, Skinner tells her he is sorry for not being more helpful to them with the X-files, for not taking sides. Mulder arrives with information about senate resolution 819 and the export of nanotechnology, that could be the cause of Skinner's illness but it appears Skinner's only hope is a mysterious long haired man, whose intentions maybe far more sinister.

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