Season 6: Episode 25
"Miranda Rules" written by Russ Cochrane, directed by Jimmy Kaufman

The interviewer named Gavin is here to interview Miranda, but Stacey goes against Kyle's wishes, and doesn't follow his hand signals on what they practiced yesterday. Stacey (Miranda rather) kisses Gavin, using the control of the bottom lip. He then leaves, and Kyle confronts her that she wasn't even taking his hand singals. He then tells her that she even had the kiss wrong. She then blurts out, Why don't you show me. He does, and they start to make out on the couch of the newspaper room. They then have sex, and Kyle calls Stacey Miranda, and she leaves.

"Ticket To Ride" written by Lisa Branch, directed by George Mihalka

Jasmine and Daryl forces Seth and Madeliene to sleep together (not have sex), and they reveal a little too personal sides to each other, and they start to have a little sexual tension between them. They are both unaware what is happening outside, with each others partners, Daryl and Jasmine, in

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