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The Road Begins...

Supernatural has got to be the best show in the air right now. It tells one of the best story-arcs TV-programming has seen in the longest of time. Unlike most TV shows on the air right now, Supernatural doesn't come from a series of books or a comic-book line-up, but instead comes from the mind of Eric Kripke. Taking a bunch of old spooky myths and legends, Kripke took the form of horror and adapted it into a TV series that has now lasted seven years. He's also created two characters worth remembering for the rest of time. I know that I'll never forget them. With this sudden inspiration, I've always wanted to review an entire series from the first episode all the way through to the present. Even though Supernatural isn't over, I feel like this is the perfect series to review, and for many reasons.

1) Episodes aren't repetitive. Each episode builds up a certain story-arc and tells a different story along the way.

2) The character's developing by the episode, the season, and whenever you can think. This helps build-up a stronger story-arc for the future. Something worth mentioning.

The Pilot episode of the series introduces us to Sam and Dean Winchester, two brothers who grew up hunters of the underworld, trained by their father from the day their mother was murdered by a yellow-eyed demon. This "yellow-eyed demon" was never found and killed, but Sam, Dean, and their father still continued to help protect the world from whatever dangers lurked in the night.

The story takes us to a time where Sam is in college. We come to learn that two years before he had a huge fight with his father and walked away from his life as a hunter. Sam wanted to have a real life, not one where he was forced to risk his life everyday and live in complete, depressive sorrow. He moved on from the life, got a girlfriend, and started to practice as law.

Things change when Dean, Sam's brother, appears in the middle of the night asking help of Sam. Their father has gone missing, and Dean doesn't want to solve a case by himself, so he asks his brother to help him find their father and solve one last case together. Sam explains to his girlfriend he's just going to spend a weekend with his brother and he sets off. Sam's only worry is he won't be back before Monday, where the interview determining his future is planned.

Sam and Dean hit the road one last time to find whatever their father was trying to hunt. The two brothers travel in the Impala (the beauty of the series) to Jericho, California where they uncover the mystery of "The Woman in White", a highway hitchhiker killer who feeds on men. As Sam and Dean pick up on the tracks of their father and the notes he's made on the case, they come to realize it connects more and more with the demon who murdered their mother years ago, and Sam is forced back into the life of hunting by a strike of tragedy.

This is a strong first episode to the series. A lot of stuff happens, mostly character development that sets up for a lot. Character development is the strongest element that this series has to offer, because it's what practically gets the story along so well. This is an excellent series, hands down. I hope I get enough of you to follow my series of reviews for the next couple months as I'll try to get the entire list of episodes reviewed by the summer. Tune in tomorrow for the next episode review!

Thanks for the read!

-Review by Corey Wood

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