The show is centred on the life of Andrew, who is in his own eyes the perfect definition of what a gentleman is, basically, a guy who is polite and dresses nice.
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How to be a gentleman... I don't know about you, but I live in the 21st Century and I have no idea what a gentleman is or how to be one. That is why this show interested me in the promo. Now, the first thing that has to be said is How to be a Gentleman premiered around the same time in the UK as Whitney, the show is a lot, lot better than Whitney, that is not to say it is a great show because it is far from it.

It is centred on the life of Andrew, who is in his own eyes the perfect definition of what a gentleman is, basically, a guy who is polite and dresses nice. That is all I really got from the pilot, so basically most straight characters on TV. Andrew is likeable, but the main issue that has to be addressed is he is not extreme enough. Basically watching him he reminded me of an incredibly toned down version of Niles Crane from Frasier, a character who is unfortunately, a lot stronger character than Andrew. But, the sad fact is if Andrew was a more extreme character he would be Niles, and then what would be the point, you might as well just watch Frasier.

Andrew is a newspaper columnist who writes a column called 'How to be a Gentleman'. He is then told by his boss that the newspaper needs to appeal to younger people who don't read. Andrew is forced to make his column 'hipper', something he knows nothing about, that's when Bert comes in. Bert used to bully Andrew in school because of his dorkish ways and only when Andrew runs into him at his gym that Andrew goes to unwillingly does he realise Bert can help him to become a younger thinking dude to write his column.

Bert looks the part as the tough guy but it's the same problem again with Andrew in that he is not extreme enough. The two meet and suddenly Bert is eager to help Andrew anyway he can, claiming that he feels bad about the way he treated him. So almost immediately the tough guy act is over and Bert becomes the sweet friend. I just don't believe this lack of character development, and the issues these characters had with each other being forgotten almost immediately. This is something that is supposed to last a series but instead is over in 5 minutes.

But all moaning aside, these two characters are likeable and the relationship is engaging, but the problem is I can easily imagine two characters like this being friends in real life. The creators are obviously going for the idea of an 'odd ball', 'odd couple' dynamic but these characters are just not odd enough and not different enough. If the main characters are not strong enough to keep the show afloat then of course it will die as it has, cancelled after just 9 episodes.

It's not great, but it is at least trying to do something interesting with the setup and these two characters and I was glad that it's not just about relationships and couples. Andrew and Bert are at least likeable characters and they are engaging. So, give How to be a Gentleman a chance because it begins with good intentions and it is unfair that it was slashed after just 9 episodes when the unfunny Whitney can stagger through to a 2nd season.

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  1. Zak Lee Ferguson

    Never heard of this one @stoned i might look out for it perhaps in the near future, a very insightful review good work :)

    2 years agoby @Zak-Lee-FergusonFlag