Season 1: Episode 6
Because of a preview of a 'Wizard Kelly Spelling Bee' that Oscar saw in the 'Wizard Kelly Movie Theatre,' he thought of him being Penny's age and winning that Spelling Bee. Oscar notices that his former spelling bee rival works at the theatre. So he goes over to him to make fun of him. But his rival thinks (and knows) that Oscar doesn't even know what the words mean. For revenge, he enters his son in the spelling bee. Later, at a 'Wizard Kelly' store, Oscar goes to pick up a product to help Penny with her spelling. But there is only one left and...guess who is there! His spelling bee rival! An they are fighting over it! They broke it. Later, Oscar's spelling bee rival's son meets the Gross Sisters. And they help him cheat. But he becomes disqualified for cheating. So it's up to Penny to spell the word 'bobbin'. Can she do it? Maybe by a little help from her dad...mouthing the letters!

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