Season 6: Episode 18
Mulder's new neighbour is Philip Padgett, a writer struggling with his new story. Padgett notices Scully on her way to Mulder's apartment and is attracted to her. He listens in on Mulder and Scully's conversation through the air vent in his apartment. Scully tells Mulder of the discovery of a murder victim who's heart was removed without an incision being made. Padgett is inspired by what he over hears and begins to write about it. Mulder is called to another crime scene after a young man Kevin is found dead with his heart extracted from his unmarked chest. Meanwhile Scully finds a 'Milagro', a Spanish good luck charm pushed under Mulder's door and believes it is from the killer. Later Padgett approached Scully in a church, explaining the story of the sacred heart before confessing to Scully that he is attracted to her. Scully tells Mulder about Padgett, prompting Mulder to steal mail from Padgett's mailbox. Although this reveals nothing, Mulder finds evidence of a link to the dead man Kevin via the personal ads Padgett placed. Scully works out that the Milagro belongs to Padgett and returns it to him, accepting an invitation for a coffee. But Mulder bursts in to the apartment, discovers the chapters Padgett wrote are all actual crimes and arrests him. Mulder accuses Padgett of being the killer, tracking his victims through the personal ads. Padgett denies any involvement, claiming he just used his imagination to write about it. Only it appears what he writes about actually happens in reality.

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