A not-so-good start to season 10
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This episode is the first one to Family Guy's season 10.

Peter buys a ton of tickets to hopefully win the lottery, which hit the prize to 150 million. Then he won. One of Family Guy's craziest things were new inventions that were functioned according to Peter's minds. One of those in this episode was his 'room full of gold coins'. It was pretty predictable, as I've seen enough of Family Guy to know what will happen.

Next, the whole family buy things, including a daily meal in a restaurant, which causes Peter to have his credit card declined and has to get help. Even before that, he asked Joe and Quagmire to do crazy things in order to pay him back for the money he gave them, causing Joe and Quagmire to angrily walk out of Peter.

Now he has to get help from them (Cleveland's gone), making a 'sad' moment. Overall, this isn't really 'good' but there are some funny cutaways here and moments.

Grade: 3.5/5

Grade: C

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