DEAD IN THE WATER is certainly a major highlight to the SUPERNATURAL series.
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"Dead in the Water" is hands down the episode of SUPERNATURAL that turned the addiction into an absolute phenomenon; for it was this episode that gave me the complete insight that I was in for one hell of a ride with tuning into the series. The episode was so cleverly crafted, so intensely violent, and so incredibly well-written that the next week just couldn't come fast enough for the next episode.

This third episode of the first season is able to tell an interesting and extremely intense horror-story at a much darker tone than the first two episodes were. Usually, if there is one thing that SUPERNATURAL does is it uses comedic elements to sometimes bind away from the horror-genre. Looking at the seventh season, I can't remember the last time the show actually tried to be scary. It's the episodes like DEAD IN THE WATER that bring viewers back to the classic SUPERNATURAL that began the thrills and the legacy of the Winchester's.

DEAD IN THE WATER is far from a comedic episode, where in fact this is one of the most dramatic and emotionally intense episodes of the first season. In every season of SUPERNATURAL, we're always handed at least two or three episodes that shy away from the comedic tone. DEAD IN THE WATER was the very first to do that. I think this episode was trying to show how dark and scary the show can actually be. DEAD IN THE WATER lets TV watchers know that SUPERNATURAL is a show to tune into because it was doing something differently than most TV series were at the time. Sure, we've seen similar series before (The X-Files, etc.), but SUPERNATURAL took the idea to a whole new level and built itself an empire of story-arcs worth getting into.

In the past year, 3 people have gone missing disappeared into a lake in a small town in Wisconsin. When Sam and Dean forge their identities and head to the town to figure what might be the cause behind it, they learn that a spirit is using the water from the lake to take its victims. Further into the investigation, Sam and Dean start to uncover what the 3 missing people had in connection with each other and learn a dark secret that lurks beneath the town.

This episode has a shocking twist and it's certainly its strongest factor. DEAD IN THE WATER had everything needed to be a perfect episode to the series. The actors used in the episode did an very well-done job as well. In SUPERNATURAL, you meet new characters every week as Sam and Dean try to uncover the mysteries around them. Sometimes these co-characters are interesting, sometimes...not so much. The characters in DEAD IN THE WATER are memorable, however, and even after six years I can still look back on them and their horrific story.

DEAD IN THE WATER is certainly a major highlight to the SUPERNATURAL series.

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-Written by Corey Wood

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