There ain't no girls in The Unit...
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That's all I've got to say.

The start to Season 4 of this perennial favorite opened with a huge BANG!

When the leaders (and the leaders-elect) of the U.S. are targeted and, most of them, killed, the Unit deploys to recover the president-elect and delve into the grand assassination plot. Bridget Sullivan, a DOD operative joins the Unit (as the first woman on 'the team').

Meanwhile, Ryan notes that the wives and children of the Secret Service and military guards that were attached to the assassinated U.S. leaders were all killed. When Ryan's teams investigate, they find out that the Team's wives have been under surveillance. For their own safety, they are abruptly taken into protective custody by the military and relocated with new IDs.

In the midst of this mess, Mack uncovers a photo of Tiffy and Ryan scantily clad, embracing. Apparently when an officer sleeps with a shooter's wife, that officer must be executed. I'm not lying... it's a Unit code. Mack takes it to the team and, at Jonas' guidance, the Team agrees that Ryan WILL be executed for his indiscretion, but not until they put the country first and engage to derail the unfolding dangers.

Fantastic military action, a fast pace and just enough family drama to keep some of the wives and girlfriends engaged. With 3 seasons passed, including last season where we lost a favorite character (Demore Barnes), I can say that this season's opener is the best episode I can recall. I've got it saved on the DVR and will CERTAINLY be watching this one again soon.

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