Season 1: Episode 2
Marcy continues to fret over Johnny's attraction to Courtney, although Courtney mostly finds him disgusting. Hunter suggests that Marcy forget about Johnny, as he was never interested in her. Rob and Hope obtain security camera footage of Hunter shoplifting at a nearby clothing store. They threaten to fire her unless she cleans up her act, and admit that Courtney was hired as her potential replacement. An outraged Hunter urges Marcy to fight for Johnny by helping her force Courtney from the show. They try to get her to screw up by making faces from off-camera during her scenes. Courtney confronts the guilt-ridden Marcy, who is thrilled to learn that Courtney already has a boyfriend back in her hometown. Marcy apologizes and offers to be her friend. Hunter invites herself along on their shopping excursion and shoves merchandise into Courtney's bag. Courtney gets busted, but Marcy takes the rap. Johnny agrees to let the homeless Dave crash in his trailer. Quentin dotes over his pet pig, Brando, which gets loose on the set.

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