Season 9: Episode 10
Matthew Shaw is ripped to shreds and eaten by an alligator that has been baited into his swimming pool from a canal separated by a locked gate on his property. Whomever lured the alligator into Matthew's pool knew his gate's access code. Delko finds a unique piece of torn paper in the pool lining. Matthew belonged to high end Matchmaking service. Matalia meets Tandy King the millionaire matchmaker, and obtains the names of the six women has dated through her service. The one girl who does not repsond to their calls is Kate Pender; ther also being evidence on Matthew's sheets that they had had sex within the past 24 hours. They track her down through her car's GPS system at the mansion of competing matchmaker Paul Nicols, whose driveway is filled with fancy motorcycles and limos; he is hosting a matchmaking party. Loman finds an engagement ring in Matthew's robe. He also discovers a fresh 3rd degree burn on Matthew's palm which matches a muffler from a motorcycle belonging to Paul's bouncer/doorman Ricky Tobar. He also finds bits of paper, the same kind that Delko found at the crime scene, in the alligator's mouth. Ryan goes undercover posing as a millionaire client looking for a mate and gets into one of Nichols parties. There he finds Kate and pretends to be interested in her. Nichols suggests they go upstairs to one of the bedrooms clearly indicating that this is more than a matchmaking business. Late is prostituting herself, Paul being her pimp. Looking around a bookcase in a nearby room, with only minutes before someone approaches, Ryan is shot with a syring from behind one of Paul's security guards, rendering him paralyzed. As the security guard is drowning Ryan in the bathtub trying to find out who he is working for, Horatio and Delko bust in, shoot him dead and save Ryan. They find stacks of money in a secret space behind the bookcase and confirm Paul's pimping. Turns out, Matthew was a fraud millionaire, and he and Kate met through Tandy King and fell in love, and he was going to ask her to marry him. Kate was afraid that Nichols would kill her if she didn't continue to work for him. Matthew owed Tandy $50,000 and the bits of paper turned out to be another bounced check made out to Tandy. Tandy King accessed his gate code and lured the alligator into the pool. he admits that she would love millions if word got out that she was taken for a fool.
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