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Krusty gets busted is one great episode. That show the arch Villain of the tv series. Bart and Lisa are always good the new seasons aren't as good as the first 10 seasons. I have bought all of the seasons that have come out so far. I just love the show I recommend it. This Tv series is one if not the longest running tv show ever. And they aren't stopping now.

One TV show that is meant to take the place of the Simpsons is family Guy which I don't think can happen. Family Guy is good but Simpsons is great. They need to get Conan O'Brien back as a writer. This show is great a must have DVD if not watch regularly.


the arch villain is Side show bob he is great. He framed Krusty

No need to make a big deal out of 100 reviews cause there are more to come.

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    Such a great episode.

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