Tom Hanks Reveals ‘Larry Crowne’ Cast Members Bryan Cranston and Taraji P. Henson

The writer/director/star of this upcoming drama reveals the rest of his cast via his Twitter account.

In a recent Twitter/Twitpic update from Tom Hanks, the director/writer/actor behind the upcoming drama Larry Crowne announced who would be joining him and co-star Julia Roberts in the film. Seen in the pic below are actors Taraji P. Henson, Bryan Cranston, George Takei, and Hank's old Bosom Buddies co-star Peter Scolari. Here is the photo, which Hanks indicates is "incomplete":

Tom Hanks Twitpic of the Casting Wall for Thomas Crowne

The film is set to revolve around a man (Hanks) who is forced to reinvent himself in the midst of a mid-life crisis. Hanks wrote the screenplay with Nia Vardalos. Larry Crowne is set for a 2012 release date.

Larry Crowne was released July 1st, 2011 and stars Tom Hanks, Sarah Mahoney, Roxana Ortega, Randall Park, Brady Rubin, Alex Quijano, Tina Huang, E-Kan Soong. The film is directed by Tom Hanks.

Sources: Tom Hanks

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Comments (8)

  1. Xusafpilotx

    Hanks is a tard that should keep his mouth closed, he insults the same men he attempts to honor in the Pacific when he insinuates they fought for racisim.

    5 years agoby @xusafpilotxFlag

  2. Brian

    Tom Hanks rules.

    5 years agoby @brianFlag

  3. Xusafpilotx

    Tom Hanks sucks.

    5 years agoby @xusafpilotxFlag

  4. Null and Void.

    Holmes "SuperPimp" Osborne is in there!

    5 years agoby @soylentgreenFlag

  5. mosorwvlad

    Here is the photo, which Hanks indicates is "incomplete": I'm free next week !

    5 years agoby @mosorwvladFlag

  6. Raoul Duke

    Agreed. Cranston will eat your babies. I'm game.

    5 years agoby @raoulduke33Flag

  7. Brian

    Bryan Cranston rules!!!!

    5 years agoby @brianFlag

  8. Brian


    5 years agoby @brianFlag

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