‘The World’s End’ Update from Simon Pegg

Edgar Wright will direct this project, which Simon Pegg and Nick Frost hope to have written before ‘Star Trek 2’ starts shooting.

Simon Pegg hopes to write The World's End before shooting Star Trek 2
Simon Pegg hopes to write The World's End before shooting Star Trek 2
Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have written and starred in two collaborations with director Edgar Wright, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Simon Pegg recently revealed they are all currently working on a third project, The World's End, the last in their "Three Flavors Cornetto" trilogy.

Edgar Wright will direct from a script by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, although nothing is known about the story line yet. Here's what Simon Pegg had to say about trying to manage fan expectations for The World's End.

"I wouldn't want to become predictable or be the guys who do that. The next thing that we do will hopefully be... you know, in writing our new thing, Edgar and me have been very determined - that we're going to start in earnest very, very soon - to not just do the same thing again, to do something very different. Not to the point of alienating people who want something, but just give people something new and something different. You can't just stay where you are forever. You have to mutate to survive, and I think we're going to make sure that we do that. I'd hate to become stale and predictable. People are already making films that are kind of like the sort of thing we might do. I want to stay a little bit ahead of the curve at least."

While Simon Pegg would not reveal any plot specifics about The World's End, the actor-writer did say he hopes to complete a first draft before shooting Star Trek 2.

"We already started the conception process, so it's just a question of when we can get together. I'm just about to start shooting a movie here in the UK, so maybe between that and Star Trek 2 we might get a chance to bang out a first draft if we're lucky."

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost recently wrote and starred in Paul for director Greg Mottola. We reported earlier this week that Paul will be released on Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD on August 9.

The World's End was released August 23rd, 2013 and stars Thomas Law, Zachary Bailess, Jasper Levine, James Tarpey, Luke Bromley, Sophie Evans, Samantha White, Rose Reynolds. The film is directed by Edgar Wright.

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