‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Gets David Morrissey as the Governor

Tom Savini loses out on this coveted role as AMC prepares sixteen all-new episodes for later this year.

David Morrissey is The Governor in Season 3 of The Walking Dead
David Morrissey is The Governor in Season 3 of The Walking Dead
Earlier this year, we chatted with horror legend Tom Savini, who revealed that he was actively campaigning for the role of The Governor on The Walking Dead Season 3. AMC wanted Academy Award-nominate actor John Hawkes, who declined the role.

It looks as though Tom Savini wasn't their ideal replacement. They have now officially cast the coveted and all-important role of The Governor, announcing today that David Morrissey (best known in the states for his roles in movies such as Blitz and Centurion) has won the part.

Here is the official press release:

AMC announced today that David Morrissey has been cast in the role of The Governor in the networks' critically acclaimed hit series, The Walking Dead. The Governor, a character from Robert Kirkman 's graphic novel, is the leader of Woodbury, a small settlement of survivors, and becomes the chief antagonist for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his group.

The Governor will appear in The Walking Dead Season 3, a 16-episode order from AMC, which begins production this spring in Atlanta.

A BAFTA Award nominee, David Morrissey has appeared in many acclaimed British series including State of Play, Meadowlands, The Deal and Blackpool. Along with his celebrated work in television, David Morrissey is also known for his leading roles in feature films such as The Reaping, The Other Boleyn Girl, Centurion, The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep, Nowhere Boy and Blitz. He recently wrapped Welcome to the Punch opposite James McAvoy and Mark Strong. David Morrissey is represented by The Collective and Troika in the UK.

The Walking Dead Season 2 airs Sundays at 9pm on AMC.

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Comments (8)

  1. Absolute

    I'm more concerned about Michonne and Tyrese first.

    They better not do the governer timeline without Michonne.

    3 years agoby @absoluteFlag

  2. Equialuv

    he ought to do really good as the Governor cause he is really good at playing creepy

    3 years agoby @equialuvFlag

  3. Ghostman

    @diaigma I'm excited for Season 3, it's going to be intense, just you wait and see my friend :)

    3 years agoby @ghostmanFlag

  4. Diaigma

    Any Walking Dead News is good news. BRING IT! :D

    3 years agoby @diaigmaFlag

  5. Ghostman

    Question is: Who shall play Michonne?

    3 years agoby @ghostmanFlag

  6. Ghostman

    I never heard of this guy, but I have hope and faith that AMC will do great in bringing The Governor to life, and i can't wait to see how this all turns out!

    3 years agoby @ghostmanFlag

  7. artkid04

    I love Tom,really do, but I think Amc is wanting to stick as its own series, I mean you bring in Tom savini people might start to think its a George a Romero series. I just think with the casting Amc is wanting to be original

    3 years agoby @artkid04Flag

  8. Gandoff

    Good news on the 16 episodes ordered, but bad news on role being cast this way. I would have liked to have seen Tom get the part. Why not give it to the guy who is a Horror movie legend, who wants the part anyway? Gives credit to the show in the genre more so at least then a need or want for a award winning actor.

    3 years agoby @gandoffFlag

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