‘The Smurfs 2’ First Look Photo Featuring Vexy and Hackus

Christina Ricci and J.B. Smoove voice these new characters known as The Naughties in director Raja Gosnell’s upcoming sequel.

Back in April, we reported that actress Christina Ricci signed on to voice the evil Smurfette Vexy in The Smurfs 2, which is set for release next summer. Today, we have our first look at this villainous character, along with Hackus, voiced by comedian J.B. Smoove, who are both known as The Naughties. Take a look at these new additions, and read what director Raja Gosnell had to say about the characters.

The Smurfs 2 Vexy Photo

The Smurfs 2 Naughties Photo

The filmmaker revealed that The Naughties are not necessarily "evil," but they weren't brought up in the right environment.

"They're not bad, they're misguided. They're just products of their upbringing. And they haven't had the best upbringing, let's say."

These baddies were created by Gargamel (Hank Azaria) to cause havoc for the little blue creatures. The filmmaker also talked about why they are not blue like The Smurfs.

"Smurfette was a lump of clay that Gargamel put in his cauldron and he painted her blue as a disguise. Using that as a jumping off point, our Naughties are basically clay gray."

The director also shared what really makes these new smurfs tick.

"Vexy is smart, and mischievous and has lots of attitude. Attitude to spare. And she really does want to please her father (Gargamel). Hackus, he's just very funny and very physical. He's the Tasmanian Devil meets a lovable puppy dog."

The Smurfs 2 was released July 31st, 2013 and stars Hank Azaria, Neil Patrick Harris, Brendan Gleeson, Jayma Mays, Jacob Tremblay, Nancy O'Dell, Karim Babin, Gaston Howard. The film is directed by Raja Gosnell.

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    @ROFLitschristian haha you want me to tell him in person for you... I will see him this Winter... XD

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    Ay yo, Neil. You've got better sh*t to do. So go do it.

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  3. Monkeyiron 2.0

    some how I'm gonna end up liking this liked I did the 1st movie lol

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    @bawnian-dexeus Amen to that... which really sucks...

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    @mcleve02 And Hollywood isn't about logic and correct adaptations

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    @emmyhasagun Because that would just be too damn logical!!! haha

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  7. Emmy has a Gun

    Why can't they just make a Smurf movie that's like the cartoons. They did a samshing job with the Smurf village in the beginning of the first... I just wish they'd make something closer to the source material and not bringing the Smurfs into our world or whatever.

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    THIS LOOKS LIKE SH*T!!! I will see you in person down at Disney this winter NPH... we need to have a talk...

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    Power to the people who punish bad cinema!

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