‘The Rover’ Photo Reveals a First Look at Robert Pattinson

A gun-toting Guy Pearce has the ‘Twilight’ star in a precarious position in this frist photo from director David Michod’s upcoming drama.

Twilight star Robert Pattinson gets bloodied and beaten at the hands of Guy Pearce in the first photo for The Rover, Australian director David Michôd's follow-up to his critically-acclaimed Animal Kingdom. Guy Pearce stars as Eric, a drifter who has left society behind him. When his car, the last thing he owns, is stolen by a gang of thugs, he enlists the help of Reynolds (Robert Pattinson), a gang member who was abandoned during the chaos. Take a look at this photo, featuring Eric pulling a gun on a bloodied Reynolds, then read on to see what director David Michôd had to say about his drama.

The Rover Photo

The story is set in Australia after a massive financial crisis that sent many scrambling into the desert mines to find their fortune. The filmmaker describes the landscape that is similar to a period of American history, albeit much more brutal and violent.

"It's like a new gold rush. Where people from all corners of the world have come out to the desert to scrape out an existence. Petty criminals and miscreants and hustlers. The basic story is really quite elemental. You've got a really dark, dangerous, murderous person in Guy's character, and in Rob's character you have a quite troubled and damaged, but beautiful and naïve, soul."

While many may think this film is similar to the Australian desert classic Mad Max, the filmmaker is quick to point out this is a much different kind of movie.

"You put cars in the desert in Australia and people are going to think of Mad Max. And with all due respect to that film - and I stress that - I think The Rover is going to be way more chillingly authentic and menacing."

The Rover was released June 20th, 2014 and stars Guy Pearce, Chan Kien, Robert Pattinson, Tek Kong Lim, Scoot McNairy, Tawanda Manyimo, David Field, Scott Perry. The film is directed by David MichĂ´d.

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  1. Nick C.

    Joel* damn phone keypad lol

    1 year agoby @knightmare90Flag

  2. jasdjqs

    @knightmare90 Oh yeah, He does

    1 year agoby @jasdjqsFlag

  3. Nick C.

    @jasdjqs he was in a 9/11 movie that I thought was pretty decent.

    Is it just me or does Guy Pierce look a little like Jel from The Last of Us in that photo?

    1 year agoby @knightmare90Flag

  4. Katie Neal

    @jasdjqs He has done many movies that are nothing like Twilight.... I think if you google the movies that he is in and watch them you will not see him as "Rob Pattinson from Twilight" but as a great actor in various types of movies. :)

    2 years agoby @Katie-NealFlag

  5. Bawnian©-Dexeus

    Transformation? Achieved

    2 years agoby @bawnian-dexeusFlag

  6. jasdjqs

    he must do more of these to get out of "Twilight" phase

    2 years agoby @jasdjqsFlag

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