‘The Oliver Stone Experience’ Website Launches with ‘Savages’ Set Photos

Oliver Stone and star Blake Lively share their personal photos on this new site dedicated to the director’s body of work.

Three-time Academy Award winner Oliver Stone has just launched The Oliver Stone Experience at http://www.oliverstone.com. Featuring never-before-seen photos and anecdotes straight from the man himself, the site takes visitors on the set and in the mind of Oliver Stone. To check it out: Click Here!

Currently the website is highlighting exclusive behind-the-scenes content from Oliver Stone's upcoming film Savages, including photos from his 'Desert Island' shoot with the cast in Indonesia, costume inspirations, as well as exclusive photos from Savages star Blake Lively. The site also provides an in-depth look into Oliver's filmography and life.

Here are a few of Oliver Stone's personal photos with a message from the director.

Oliver Stone Experience Photo #1

Oliver Stone Experience Photo #2

Oliver Stone Experience Photo #3

Oliver Stone Experience Photo #4

"Part of Savages was shot on Moyo Island just off Indonesia. A small fishing village and a waterfall were the backdrop to these pictures.

You might notice that the kids are looking at the computers that Ben (Aaron Johnson) has brought to the island. These were early prototypes of computers, but the kids had never seen them before and were entranced. They were already using them inside of 10 minutes we left them behind. It was an unforgettable shoot in paradise where Aaron almost got eaten by a sea snake. Blake Lively overcame the bugs and dived into the deepest waterfall pools. Taylor Kitsch went underwater diving, and loved chopping up and drinking his own coconut milk.

This was a small shoot. About 20-25 people. We got around the broken roads utilizing three WWII era jeeps that were abandoned on the island by the Japanese at the end of the war. They were amazingly solid and carried us up and down mountains. We all got hit by stomach bugs from the food.

- Oliver"

Here are a few of Blake Lively's personal photos as described by Oliver Stone.

Oliver Stone Experience Photo #1

Oliver Stone Experience Photo #2

Oliver Stone Experience Photo #3

Oliver Stone Experience Photo #4

Oliver Stone Experience Photo #5

Oliver Stone Experience Photo #6

"A scene in the middle of nowhere. These were very hot, arid days in the middle of summer shot on a mesa north of Los Angeles.

Blake took a lot of photographs along the way. She's quite creative and is always exploring things, including her bloody hands. I won't tell you how they get bloody, but you'll see for yourself.

Blake is being tattooed by famous designer Sage Vaughn who she personally requested. He did the original and makeup artist Bill Corso methodically followed the design.

Mug shot -- Cisco kid on the left, Queen Elena in the middle, Blake takes no prisoners, Sandra Echeverría is a Mexican beauty who happens to be the daughter of Elena Sanchez (Salma Hayek), Taylor Kitsch looks like he does this for a living, shooting people, and the fellow on the right is... well, who knows.

- Oliver"

Savages was released July 6th, 2012 and stars Blake Lively, Taylor Kitsch, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Jana Banker, Candra Docherty, Patrick Fourmy, Gary Stretch, Benicio Del Toro. The film is directed by Oliver Stone.

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  1. SherlockHolmes2009

    This is looking pretty good

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  2. bipolarmassive

    i hope it fairs a lot better then Natural Born Killers!

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