‘The Lords of Salem’ Lands at Anchor Bay Films

Rob Zombie directs this horror-thriller about a DJ who receives a unique record that triggers flashbacks to Salem’s haunting past.

Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem lands at Anchor Bay
Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem lands at Anchor Bay
After much speculation and a heated bidding war, Anchor Bay Films emerged as the new home for Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem. Under the agreement, Anchor Bay will handle all U.S. distribution rights on the film. Written and directed by Rob Zombie, The Lords of Salem stars Sheri Moon Zombie (Halloween) as well as Bruce Davison (X-Men), Jeffrey Daniel Phillips (Halloween II), Ken Foree (Dawn Of The Dead), Patricia Quinn (The Rocky Horror Picture Show), Dee Wallace (E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial) and Judy Geeson (To Sir, with Love). The film premiered last week at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival and received rave reviews from mainstream and genre critics alike. Anchor Bay Entertainment President Bill Clark made today's announcement.

"We're extremely excited to be working on this film with Rob," commented Kevin Kasha, Executive Vice President, Acquisitions and Co-Productions. "It's a perfect fit for Anchor Bay."

"I have always been a fan of the care and respect Anchor Bay has put into their genre titles," said Zombie. "I can't wait to work together to bring this bizarre, special movie to the masses."

The Los Angeles Times dubbed The Lords of Salem "his darkest most unnerving yet," IndieWire declared it "Rob Zombie's best film" and Dread Central said "fans couldn't stop talking about the film" after its premiere in Toronto.

Rock star-turned-horror maven Rob Zombie conjures up a nerve-wracking chiller involving Heidi (Sheri Moon Zombie), a radio station DJ, who receives a wooden box containing a vinyl record, "a gift from the Lords." She assumes it's from a band trying to promote themselves. Heidi and others listen but unbeknownst to them, the bizarre sounds within the grooves immediately trigger flashbacks of Salem's violent past. Is Heidi going mad or are the Lords of Salem returning for revenge on modern day Salem?

The deal was negotiated by Kevin Kasha, Marc Barson and Josh Thomashow for Anchor Bay Films and by Josh Braun of Submarine and Brian Kavanaugh-Jones for Alliance Films. Alliance Films financed the film which was produced by Andy Gould, Jason Blum, Oren Peli and Steven Schneider. Kavanaugh-Jones is the executive producer.

The Lords of Salem was released April 19th, 2013 and stars Sheri Moon Zombie, Bruce Davison, Jeffrey Daniel Phillips, Judy Geeson, Meg Foster, Patricia Quinn, Ken Foree, Dee Wallace. The film is directed by Rob Zombie.

Sources: Anchor Bay Films

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    @crypt Batman killed Dracula... defeats Bane, whom is 10 times stronger than Hellboy, can outsmart the Riddler whom is a master genius... Hellboy wouldn't stand a chance... But the really fun thing is they are both heroes... so they would actually team up! ;)

    3 years agoby @mcleve02Flag

  2. The Cryptkeeper: Resurrected

    @mcleve02 Hell no! Hellboy would shoot Batman's ass down, dead. And Freakazoid... ehhh. hahah

    3 years agoby @cryptFlag


    @crypt Yeah... that was an awesome show!

    3 years agoby @mcleve02Flag


    @crypt Batman would win!

    3 years agoby @mcleve02Flag

  5. The Cryptkeeper: Resurrected

    @mcleve02 Oh sh*t i remember that Freakazoid show. haha but yeah, maybe this is secretly Hellboy Vs Batman

    3 years agoby @cryptFlag


    @crypt Hellboy meets Batman Forever! Or Jamaican Freakazoid!

    3 years agoby @mcleve02Flag

  7. The Cryptkeeper: Resurrected

    @mcleve02 haha the picture reminds me of Hellboy 2, the bad guy

    3 years agoby @cryptFlag


    @skywise@crypt@bawnian-dexeus It makes me think of Batman Forever

    3 years agoby @mcleve02Flag

  9. Bawnian©-Dexeus

    This looks very.....generic

    3 years agoby @bawnian-dexeusFlag

  10. The Cryptkeeper: Resurrected

    Should have known Sheri Moon Zombie would be in this one.. Rob Zombie is a lucky man. haha but, despite what most people say, I love Rob Zombie as a filmmaker.

    3 years agoby @cryptFlag

  11. skywise

    I have heard very mixed reviews on this film from well respected critics. I am interested to see why it is so Devisive.

    3 years agoby @skywiseFlag

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