'The LEGO Movie' International TV Spot

Ordinary, everyday hero Emmet is ready to take on President Business in this latest look at the animated adventure. Watch as he ultimately disappoints Batman.
Ordinary, everyday hero Emmet (Chris Pratt) has been called onto save LEGO world from President Business (Will Ferrell) in the first international The Lego Movie TV spot, where he promises he can be dark and brooding, just like his idol Batman (Will Arnett). It's too bad that he only disappoints the caped crusader with his love of rainbows. Check out the latest footage from this upcoming family comedy, which arrives in theaters early in the New Year.

The Lego Movie was released February 7th, 2014 and stars Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Craig Berry, Alison Brie, David Burrows, Anthony Daniels, Charlie Day, Amanda Farinos. The film is directed by Phil Lord, Chris Miller.

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