‘Superman’ Will Kick Some Ass Says Zack Snyder

While the director wouldn’t reveal if the superhero punches someone in the face in this new project, he did say the Man of Steel will see more action.

Zack Snyder reveals his Superman will be more physical
Zack Snyder reveals his Superman will be more physical
Director Zack Snyder is doing press for his upcoming movie Sucker Punch, which hits theaters on March 25. While doing so, the filmmaker revealed an interested tidbit about his upcoming Superman reboot, saying that the Man of Steel will be more physical in the new movie. Here's what he had to say below.

"I can't say if he punches someone in the face, because that is a spoiler. But I will say that Superman, in the film that we are making, is a very physical cat that does some physical shit. I don't want to say anything about the last film, but I want to see Superman kicking some ass."

Zack Snyder will direct Superman from a script by David S. Goyer, which is based on a story by Goyer and Christopher Nolan. We reported yesterday that Kevin Costner will portray Jonathan "Pa" Kent alongside Diane Lane as Martha Kent and Henry Cavill as Clark Kent.

Click Here! to watch the entire video interview with Zack Snyder.

Man of Steel was released June 14th, 2013 and stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane, Russell Crowe, Antje Traue, Harry Lennix, Richard Schiff. The film is directed by Zack Snyder.

Sources: Collider

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Comments (42)

  1. Masta_Chiefed

    @dfella Nolan wrote the script and is one of the main producers. Brain damage?

    4 years agoby @masta-chiefedFlag

  2. Dfella504

    f*ck this! its gonna suck no1 but nolan can bring superman back....

    4 years agoby @dfellaFlag

  3. Fry_3000

    thank f*ck for zack, i think hell do this film real justice.

    4 years agoby @Fry-3000Flag

  4. Nautical

    I wonder how violent you can get with a pg-13 rating.

    4 years agoby @nautical05Flag

  5. Fike

    During a Sucker Punch movie interview with Snyder, he says we could see a character that other would call Superman. Bizarro a possibily in the new movie? Sounds interesting.

    4 years agoby @FikeFlag

  6. MovieManiac

    Wow!!! Superman might actually HIT somebody.

    4 years agoby @moviemaniac66Flag

  7. tyler13d

    Im also rather on team Bats than team Supes.....but man am I looking forward to this!!

    4 years agoby @tyler13dFlag

  8. Shadow Of The Day


    4 years agoby @asifFlag

  9. RojoDiablo

    Wow, I thought the previous movie had plenty of action actually. Zach should just focus on his film and not keep bringing up any of the past ones.

    4 years agoby @rojodiabloFlag

  10. Photoman

    I already like this movie

    4 years agoby @photomanFlag

  11. epic_movie_goer

    agreed. There was barely any action in the previous Superman film.

    4 years agoby @epic-movie-goerFlag

  12. SonOfOne41

    Im trying not to get my hopes high

    4 years agoby @SonOfOne41Flag

  13. T.Clark

    Maybe he meant he can't say who or what he'll be punching in the face.

    4 years agoby @insertusernamehereFlag

  14. bud2fresh

    Thats what i've been waiting to see! Truth,Justice, and the American way!!

    4 years agoby @bud2freshFlag

  15. AYLAGA5

    I dont really like superman... but I'm actually looking forward to this movie..

    4 years agoby @aylagas55Flag

  16. HighCaliberINC

    @ InsertUsernameHere -I thought the same thing about the spoiler comment. How is telling us if superman blasts someone in the face, a spoiler??. Not really getting that. Thats like MichaelBay saying he cant tell us if theres going to be a robot orgy of destruction in Transformers... In both cases, everyone is expecting it to happen. If superman is gonna kick some ass, im pretty sure he might be throwing some punches.

    4 years agoby @highcaliberincFlag

  17. Diaigma

    About friggin time! :D

    4 years agoby @diaigmaFlag

  18. T.Clark

    "I don't want to say anything about the last film, but I want to see Superman kicking some ass."
    In other words, he thought it was boring.

    This isn't really surprising. It's Zack Snyder. Of course Superman's gonna see action...both in battle and in the bed room, probably.

    But why would it be a spoiler to say he'll punch someone in the face? lol

    4 years agoby @insertusernamehereFlag

  19. KeesjeCola

    Let's get physical, physical....
    How can the world's strongest being n&#242t fight? I've never seen a superhero who has an ability and not use it.

    4 years agoby @keesjecolaFlag

  20. Daveactor7

    LOL thats going to be one slow motion punch

    4 years agoby @daveactor7Flag

  21. SpaceCowboy

    Ok, looks like most people are way ahead of me on the slow motion Snyder puts in his movies. Was going to say how would Superman be able to move faster than a speeding bullet if he's moving in slow motion...but doesn't seems kinda blan to do that now :P

    4 years agoby @SpaceCowboyFlag

  22. Pjwolsker

    about the slow motion stuff, Dawn of the Dead didnt really have any slow motion that i remember and that movie was awesome. Zach can pull it off. but i would really like to know who the villain will be instead of articles talking about his parents and him kicking ass. i like the kicking ass stuff. dont get me wrong, i love all the Superman films except the 3rd one but he didnt really fight anyone and there wasnt that much action. he just flew a lot and saved a bunch of people if you think about it

    4 years agoby @pjwolskerFlag

  23. ElMasChingon

    @m2, i actually like that slow mo sh*t, having superman punch someone through a wall in slow mo then speed it up as the person blasts through the walls

    4 years agoby @elmaschingonFlag

  24. Messenger

    Hope they make Super-man interesting, he's a very boring character.

    4 years agoby @messengerFlag

  25. Josh

    Being a Superman fan, I'm surprised how little I find myself caring about this movie. That's not to say anything that's been announced has been bad, or that I won't see it, but just that so far nothing has really jumped out as exciting. Maybe I just don't feel the need for another Superman film right now.

    4 years agoby @shuabertFlag

  26. skywise

    That is what i want to hear. If he is the most powerful DC character then i want to see that on screen. Ok so maybe we get a generic with great power comes great responsability storyline but that is fine as long as he kicks some ass.

    I for one am tired of the Blue Boyscout. Maybe we can see a younger and not quite as restrained supes.

    4 years agoby @skywiseFlag

  27. thedude-abides

    When u say "some" ass...how much do u mean exactly? LMAO!!

    4 years agoby @thedude-abidesFlag

  28. ZanyZap

    Is he going to wear a red and blue suit too, Mr. Snyder? Real news, please.

    4 years agoby @zanyzapFlag

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