‘Star Wars 7’ Working Titles May Include ‘Rise of the Jedi’ and ‘Return of the Sith’

George Lucas toyed with both titles while writing the outline. He spent more than a year working on the script before Disney bought Lucasfilm.

Return of the Sith is one working title for Star Wars: Episode VII
Return of the Sith is one working title for Star Wars: Episode VII
It was revealed earlier this week that George Lucas had spent more than a year working on Star Wars: Episode VII and the new trilogy before he sold Lucasfilm to Disney. His son Jett Lucas divulged the information during a recent interview, where he also explained that the story will focus on a new generation of characters, and that his father and director J.J. Abrams have been in constant communication over what the final product should be.

Now, Latino Review has learned another interesting tidbit of information stemming from this Jett Lucas interview.

During the time George Lucas spent figuring out how to bring the original trilogy cast back together in an all-new adventure, he also spent some time going back and forth on two working titles:

  • Star Wars: Episode VII - Rise of the Jedi
  • Star Wars: Episode VII - Return of the Sith

As you can see, both of these titles tie in closely with what has come before in the franchise. At the time of the acquisition, both of these titles went to Disney for possible use in producing the next installment of this beloved series. Will they use either title? That is not know at this time, as there is no guarantee or stipulation that they have to use anything given to them by George Lucas.

Already, debates have begun to explode across the Internet about which of these two titles should be used. Many think that Star Wars: Episode VII - Return of the Sith sounds too much like Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. A majority of the crowd likes Star Wars: Episode VII - Rise of the Jedi, as Yoda's mission for Luke Skywalker was to set out and bring back the ancient religion. The title would also tie in with what we've recently heard about a Luke Skywalker specific teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII.

As is sometimes the case, these two titles might be floating around now to guage fan interest in them. Chime in with your likes and dislikes, and other ideas. Disney and Lucasfilm are listening.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes to theaters December 18th, 2015 and stars John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson. The film is directed by J.J. Abrams.

Sources: Latino Review

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Comments (16)

  1. Josh

    I like "A New Dawn" a lot more than these two. It fits perfectly with the idea of starting the series anew while also nodding to the original film.

    1 year agoby @shuabertFlag

  2. Sean

    @jasonkat I agree.

    1 year agoby @themoviefanaticFlag

  3. littlerivers

    The titles are just mashups of original titles and therefore I think this article holds no weight.

    I'd much rather see a title with the word "Force" in it.

    1 year agoby @littleriversFlag

  4. littlerivers

    "Return of the Sith" is too close to "Revenge of the Sith" and "Rise of the Jedi" isn't too close to "Return of the Jedi"????

    1 year agoby @littleriversFlag

  5. JasonKat

    um, no i havnt seen it. but that could be it too.
    not wanting to get into details that he is or isnt gonna be in star wars. Lets face it, he is gonna be in it but not everybody like us reads or sees these movie news. so its gonna be like "WOW" look whos in it. kinda thing.
    i have high hopes for this movie. its gonna be really cool.

    1 year agoby @jasonkatFlag

  6. LuxoIII

    Classic Latino Review BS.

    1 year agoby @brady1138Flag

  7. Sean

    @jasonkat Have you seen the new video of him on a tv show interview, on another article here on movieweb? I sounds to me that he is intentionally not saying anything about his role in the movie, because he doesn't want to spoil that he is returning for Star Wars episode 7.

    1 year agoby @themoviefanaticFlag

  8. JasonKat

    I get the impression that he really doesnt wanna return because he hated his role. So he rather move on to something he wouldnt mind returning as like indy. and such.
    The way i look at it is.. time has past, his character is older now. so really he doesnt have to act say or do the things he did when he was younger and im speaking for his character. in other words he could be alot smarter now, wiser hell hes not a rookie anymore, so if he wanted, he could take his character to a new level, something we havnt seen b4. it doesnt mean you have to act the same way if thats what ford hated about his character.
    i really want him to return, i dont care what kinda role but he needs to finish what he started. even if his character gets killed.

    1 year agoby @jasonkatFlag

  9. Ghostman

    @bawnian-dexeus Likewise. Looks like they're running out of ideas.

    1 year agoby @ghostmanFlag

  10. Mieko_Siede

    @bawnian-dexeus Couldn't have said it better.

    1 year agoby @mieko-siedeFlag

  11. Joshua Hollaway

    @bawnian-dexeus Exactly what I was thinking

    1 year agoby @Joshua-HollawayFlag

  12. Bawnian©-Dexeus

    Generic and repetitive.

    1 year agoby @bawnian-dexeusFlag

  13. Sean

    Interesting movie titles.

    1 year agoby @themoviefanaticFlag

  14. Sean

    @jasonkat It's only known that he 'May' not return for the movie, not that he 'will not' return for the movie.

    1 year agoby @themoviefanaticFlag

  15. Writer220

    nothing wrong with either of them, @jasonkat is right.

    1 year agoby @writer220Flag

  16. JasonKat

    Why do they keep listing Harrison Ford, as the top star when he said he wasnt gonna be in this. ? and i think "Return of the Sith" sounds about right. then have the next movie called "Rise of the Jedi"

    1 year agoby @jasonkatFlag

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