‘Something Real and Good’ Trailer

A man and woman find a romantic connection after their missed connection in Luke Rivett’s airport drama.

The first trailer has debuted for the indie romance Something Real and Good, which proves that a connection can be made anywhere, even at the airport. Alex Hannant and Matt Jones star as a young man and woman who meet while their plane is being delayed. They go on a touching and romantic journey through the concourses of their own hearts over the course of one magical night. Take a look at the new footage from this upcoming movie, debuting on VOD and iTunes March 5.

Something Real and Good Poster

Something Real and Good was released in 2013 and stars Alex Hannant, Matt Jones, Colton Castaneda, Ward Edmondson, Tommy Shayne Manfredi, Dillaran Martin, Craig Shippey, Marla Stone. The film is directed by Luke Rivett.

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