‘Skyfall’ Empire Magazine Covers with Daniel Craig

Take a look at the debonair secret agent in director Sam Mendes’ 007 action sequel.

Empire has released two magazine covers for its latest print issue, which features Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall. Take a look at both covers, one for newsstands and one for subscribers.

Skyfall Empire Magazine Cover #1

Skyfall Empire Magazine Cover #2

Skyfall was released November 9th, 2012 and stars Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, Bérénice Marlohe, Albert Finney, Ben Whishaw. The film is directed by Sam Mendes.

Sources: Empire

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Comments (24)

  1. Josh

    I love Daniel Craig, but ever since a friend described his appearance as "perpetual Zoolander face," it's been hard to take him seriously. :/

    3 years agoby @shuabertFlag

  2. Jay.A.Ottley

    @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx Well having a background in film and qualifications in media or film does help.

    And believe me it ain't easy, 4 days ago I had the honour to attend as the host of Will & Kate at the world premiere of African Cats

    3 years agoby @jayaottleyFlag

  3. Nicholaus XX

    @jayaottley -- Wow, that's it? I just thought there would've been more qualifications. Is writing reviews a must?

    3 years agoby @XxNickTheFilmCriticXxFlag

  4. Jay.A.Ottley

    @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx OOOOO well either just be employed by them, or one of they're subsidaries, like me I'm part of the BFI

    3 years agoby @jayaottleyFlag

  5. Nicholaus XX

    @jayaottley -- I do not live in London, but if I moved there, would I be automatically qualified - and if so - what else?

    3 years agoby @XxNickTheFilmCriticXxFlag

  6. Jay.A.Ottley

    @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx Huh that kind of doesn't make sense lol

    3 years agoby @jayaottleyFlag

  7. Nicholaus XX

    @jayaottley -- No, but I could be?

    3 years agoby @XxNickTheFilmCriticXxFlag

  8. Jay.A.Ottley

    @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx Are you a Londoner

    3 years agoby @jayaottleyFlag

  9. Nicholaus XX

    @jayaottley -- You lucky son of a gun! How can I be a BAFTA member?

    3 years agoby @XxNickTheFilmCriticXxFlag

  10. Jay.A.Ottley

    @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx Plus side of being a BAFTA member :) Free Empire

    3 years agoby @jayaottleyFlag

  11. Nicholaus XX

    @jayaottley -- The magazine is pretty neat, and I enjoyed reading it -- but the price(of both the magazine and subscription) is rough.

    3 years agoby @XxNickTheFilmCriticXxFlag

  12. Jay.A.Ottley

    Ahhhhhh look its my magazine cover that came through the door yesterday... Indeed this is a must have mag.

    Love the whole history of bond in this mag

    3 years agoby @jayaottleyFlag

  13. Sean

    @artkid04 I agree.

    3 years agoby @themoviefanaticFlag

  14. artkid04

    must have mag

    3 years agoby @artkid04Flag

  15. Mwheeler1324

    I thought i was not going to like Daniel Craig as bond. But He has made it into his own role and stand alone the last two bonds movies are good. Cant wait for this new one SKYFALLS should be over the top the best one yet!!

    3 years agoby @mwheeler1324Flag

  16. SherlockHolmes2009

    That black and whites f*cking sweet. @bawnian-dexeus They were actually thinking about doing that for Casino Royale

    3 years agoby @SherlockHolmes2009Flag

  17. Sean

    @andrewchiba Maybe he eventually will play Bond.

    3 years agoby @themoviefanaticFlag

  18. Replicant

    Oh damn, that black and white cover is sweet a HELLLLL!

    @andrewchiba I hope that doesn't happen, Fassbender is one of my favorite ever actors but Craig is the best Bond ever. He owns this character now.

    3 years agoby @felipe-11Flag

  19. andrewchiba

    I hope this is his last one, I want MIchael fassbender to play bond immediately

    3 years agoby @andrewchibaFlag

  20. LuxoIII

    @bawnian-dexeus You know, I never thought of that before you mentioned, but that sounds frikkin awesome!!

    3 years agoby @brady1138Flag

  21. Bawnian©-Dexeus

    A black and white Bond movie would be epic

    3 years agoby @bawnian-dexeusFlag

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