SDCC 2010 EXCLUSIVE: Corbin Bernsen Talks ‘Major League 3’!

The actor discusses his possible involvement with the third official chapter of the baseball series.

While out promoting Psych at this year's Comic-Con, we managed to catch up with actor Corbin Bernsen to discuss the possibility of his returning for Major League 3, the third official chapter of the popular baseball comedy series Major League, which both writer/director David S. Ward and star Charlie Sheen have shown interest in making. Bernsen portrayed Indians third baseman Roger Dorn in the original films. Here's what Corbin had to say about the project:

Major League 3 is in development and stars Charlie Sheen. The film is directed by David S. Ward.

Sources: Jami Philbrick
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Comments (3)

  1. Diaigma

    Hmm. Do we really need a 3rd one? Glad to see Bernsen at the bat, though. :P

    5 years agoby @diaigmaFlag

  2. Jimthar

    well that sucks. how the hell can you do this movie WITHOUT him?? he was a major part of both of the first 2 movies, now you're just going to leave him out of it?? thats lame. any word on tom beringer? dennis haysbert? renee russo? or wesley snipes?

    5 years agoby @jimtharFlag

  3. Titanictom

    Actually Major League 3 has been used...It was called Back to The Minors...with Scott Bacula

    5 years agoby @titanictomFlag

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