Ryan Reynolds Joins ‘The Voices’

Marjane Satrapi is directing this thriller about a factory worker who turns to his talking pets to help get him out of trouble.

Ryan Reynolds hears The Voices
Ryan Reynolds hears The Voices
Ryan Reynolds is in talks to star in The Voices for Mandalay Vision, Vertigo Entertainment, and director Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis).

The psychological thriller centers on Jerry Hickfang (Ryan Reynolds), a bizarre man who works at a bathtub factory and pines for the woman in accounting. When their relationship takes a violent turn for the worse, Jerry consults with his evil talking cat and kind talking dog to get him out of this situation, that eventually leads to his salvation.

Michael R. Perry (Paranormal Activity 2) wrote the screenplay, which landed on the Black List. Matthew Rhodes and Cathy Schulman are producing for Mandalay Vision, along with Vertigo Entertainment's Roy Lee and Adam M. Stone.

Production is scheduled to begin early next year. Mandalay Vision is fully financing the project.

Sources: Deadline

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  2. Basquat

    @thedude-abides So did Ted but that turned out alright

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    This sounds really, really...really stupid.

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    Put some earplugs then :P

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