Rosamund Pike to star in ‘Doom’

...Universal Pictures’ upcoming video game adaptation

Doom: According to The Hollywood Reporter, British actress Rosamund Pike has signed on to star in Universal Pictures' upcoming video game adaptation Doom.

Pike will play Samantha, a scientist, opposite Karl Urban, who will play John Grimm, the leader of a special ops team at the center of the action-adventure pic. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is also set to take a leading role.

Polish helmer Andrzej Bartkowiak will direct the feature, which has had a long development history.

"Doom" was written by Dave Callaham.

Doom was released October 21st, 2005 and stars Dwayne Johnson, Karl Urban, Rosamund Pike, Ben Daniels, Razaaq Adoti, Richard Brake, Al Weaver, Dexter Fletcher. The film is directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak.

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