Robert de Niro Joins ‘Candy Store’

Jason Clarke and Omar Sy co-star in this crime thriller from director Stephen Gaghan.

Robert de Niro takes a trip to the Candy Store
Robert de Niro takes a trip to the Candy Store
The Stephen Gaghan directed crime thriller Candy Store has added Robert De Niro to the cast.

Jason Clarke and Omar Sy headline this story revolving around the Brooklyn underworld. When a former covert ops agent discovers that the organization he has been fighting his whole career has set up shop in his backyard, he joins a former cop to stop a threat that could throw the entire city of New York into danger.

Robert De Niro is set to play the former cop, with Stephen Gaghan (Syriana; Alfie) co-writing the screenplay alongside Shannon Burke. The two previously collaborated on the thriller Abandon.

Lionsgate is distributing the film in the U.S., with shooting to begin soon.

The Candy Store was released in 2014 and stars Jason Clarke, Omar Sy, Robert De Niro, Christoph Waltz. The film is directed by Stephen Gaghan.

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