‘Resident Evil 4’ in the Works?

The director of the film series indicates a fourth might happen.

Will there be more of Alice and the Umbrella Corporation in the future? Director Paul W.S. Anderson hopes so. MTV Movies Blog recently chatted with Anderson who revealed that initial plans for Resident Evil 4 are in the works.

"I'm just starting to talk to Sony about it," Anderson said. "I don't even know if anything will come of it, but there's a possibility it might happen."

Anderson did say that coming up with another story is what is hindering the film's development process.

"I love the 'Resident Evil' franchise and we always try to make the best possible movie we can. If we could find a good Resident Evil 4 to make, then we would do it," he said. "But I wouldn't just do it for the sake of it, that's for sure."

The first three films grossed $379 million combined worldwide and were also solid performers on DVD.

Resident Evil: Afterlife was released September 10th, 2010 and stars Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Kim Coates, Shawn Roberts, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Spencer Locke, Boris Kodjoe, Wentworth Miller. The film is directed by Paul W.S. Anderson.

Sources: MTV Movies Blog

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Comments (159)

  1. LeonSKennedy14

    Oh and vampire 2000..ur a dumbass. Re4 the game was the best game ever to come out until 5. So what if they werent zombies, it would have been to easy for Leon to kill zombies, he was too good at that stage.

    6 years agoby @leonskennedy14Flag

  2. LeonSKennedy14

    I liked the first film but once they made alice "super human" that was it, a big factor of RE is survival and fear, alice was up for fighting nemesis and managed to get him to remember who he and she was, if they tried that in the Resident evil 3 game, nemesis would rocket launch u to bits...I think they ruined him in apocalypse, and i think if they are to make a new film they should get rid of alice and bring in Chris,leon or maybe brin back jill. Wha dye think?

    6 years agoby @leonskennedy14Flag

  3. Mr.Rated-R

    wat i wana know is what happened to jill vanentine and angela from part 2.? If they dnt put alice back in this movie then it will just b a waste of time.. & wat does leon half 2 do with the 4th movie?

    6 years agoby @residentevilfanFlag

  4. kidd69

    "WAT UP" I think the movie would'nt be the same if alice was'nt in it.Reason being is she kicked ass from the first movie to the 3rd.It's like halloween 3 it had nothing to do with the movie,SUCKED BIG TIME!!!

    7 years agoby @kidd69Flag

  5. killer121

    i love the resident evil films and games and dont get me wrong there awsome but why havent the films follwed the games im just dont get why not and in the new movie if made there bringing all the cahractes from the games in why not do that sooner like chris redfeild and leon kennedy and jill velantine all supposed to star in the new
    i hope they do then the films migth be more thrilling cause i dont get why they wernt in them sooner

    7 years agoby @killer121Flag

  6. loverofPOTO

    well how can leon be in it? didnt they say he cant because in the second one it said that jill valentines partner leon s kennedy was tragically killed? idk i hope i heard wrong but i looked it up:( I really want leon in it tho! hes my favourite character and the resident evil degeneration is amimated or CG or whatever they call it and leon and claire are in it!!

    7 years agoby @loverofpotoFlag

  7. ???

    wait why a fourth one if there already doing some Resident Evil: Degeneration because i guess idk whats happening here if they or not heres the website of that new movie let me knw what happening!!!!


    7 years agoby @chombeFlag

  8. shrl32680

    they should make......they cant replace alice cause shes the main character and its mainly her story....without that story everybody would be died especailly jill.....but if they make it they should include her cause shes the only surivior from raccoon city and knows wat happen like alice

    they both rule...heroines

    7 years agoby @shrl32680Flag

  9. WonderWomyn

    Here are the rumors I heard: They've begun shooting the movie in Alaska with Ali Larter last year. Now that Milla Jovovich gave birth they will resume shooting the film. Jensen Ackles will be playing Leon Kennedy. It's set to be released during the Summer of 2010. Jason O'Mara will be back to play Albert Wesker. And Ada Wong will make her debut finally.

    The fourth installment takes off where Resident Evil: Extinction ended in Japan.

    7 years agoby @wonderwomyn74Flag

  10. ilovescream

    oh a sequel to extinction... Thanx

    7 years agoby @ilovescreamFlag

  11. Solar XI

    Look I dont care anymore, I will see RE4 anyway despite what I said before

    7 years agoby @solarxiFlag

  12. Vamp

    Sequel to Resident Evil: Extinction. Why would they have videogame news on a movie website? Also, what do you mean she didn't get enough screen time in Resident Evil: Apocalypse? She was there for almost the entire movie. I think you really need to rewatch these movies dude.

    7 years agoby @vampire2000Flag

  13. ilovescream

    Is this resident evil 4 the *game* or like a sequel to extinction???

    7 years agoby @ilovescreamFlag

  14. Solar XI

    okay because I remember that Jill Valentine was always the main chick but from then on I have no idea. Jill didn't get enough screen time in Apocalypse

    7 years agoby @solarxiFlag

  15. Vamp

    No a HARD CORE Resident Evil fan doesn't agree. That's me. I like Alice. Her name was not Alice, it was Alexia. Alexia Ashford. So that's also a no, Slim.

    7 years agoby @vampire2000Flag

  16. erncrazy

    I can tell you that Alice has no part in any of the games i think her charecter ruined the movie. hard core resident evil fans would probably agree. i say get rid of Alice bring back Jill she is smokin hot. i really cant remember but i think the main bad guy of RE code veronica was named Alice she mutated into a dragonfliy

    7 years agoby @erncrazyFlag

  17. Solar XI

    I havent followed on the games in years, so Vamp can you tell me if Alice is a character in the game

    7 years agoby @solarxiFlag

  18. Vamp

    I guess. Whatever makes YOU happy. Argh now I sound like a shrink.

    7 years agoby @vampire2000Flag

  19. Solar XI

    Hey we all have our reasons. 1 and 2 are good. I like those.

    7 years agoby @solarxiFlag

  20. Vamp

    Kind of a shallow reason to hate the movie isn't it?

    7 years agoby @vampire2000Flag

  21. Solar XI

    well sorry sheesh, made a mistake I'm sorry... Okay I only had a problem with Extiction because they killed Carlos and L.J. Betty I didnt care because she was in it for like half hour.

    7 years agoby @solarxiFlag

  22. Vamp

    No slim, I was talking about the game Resident Evil 4. Also, it's been the same director for all three movies. He's done an awesome job, and they'd best not replace him!

    7 years agoby @vampire2000Flag

  23. Solar XI

    If I'm right you meant RE3, Vamp? Despite what I said before, I will go see this movie. Hopefully they get a better director, because the director of Extinction isn't good at it.

    7 years agoby @solarxiFlag

  24. Vamp

    I didn't really like Resident Evil 4 all that much, it didn't follow the right path. They weren't zombies, they were mindslaves.

    7 years agoby @vampire2000Flag

  25. pingu_2001

    Surely with all of the games and fan's input a script can't be THAT hard to come up with?
    Ok, input from fans is not always productive (Snakes on a Plane anyone?) but i can see Res Evil going on for many years yet under the right circ*mstances!!

    More history and characters like Leon, bring Wesker to the front a bit and get some more monsters into the mix (More lickers please!!??). Movie version of Res Evil 4 the game is a way to go (Best game so far too until 5 comes out whick looks kewel!!)

    Discuss class...lol

    7 years agoby @pingu-2001Flag

  26. Vamp

    I f*cking second that statement Turok!

    7 years agoby @vampire2000Flag

  27. Radimus-83

    f*cking "A" Turok!!

    7 years agoby @radimus-83Flag

  28. Saquin Turok 'X'

    I hope not Nyfresh. This series is quite flexible, and with a little creativity, a lot can be done with it. Don't care what the haters say, let this series roll. Not enough of these zombie slashers around at the moment.

    7 years agoby @teesterxFlag

  29. Xerxes1

    Bruru, join my crusade against Leonidas. He needs a Jihad on him, but you must like RE4 like me.

    7 years agoby @xerxes1Flag

  30. Nyfresh

    i could imagine that this is gonna b the last installment to the franchise....

    7 years agoby @leo16Flag

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