‘Reasonable Doubt’ Trailer

A District Attorney commits a fatal hit-and-run which another man is arrested for. Dominic Cooper and Samuel L. Jackson star in this thriller.

A District Attorney's life is turned upside down after a fatal hit-and-run accident in the first trailer for Reasonable Doubt. Dominic Cooper stars as Mitch Brocken, the attorney who flees the scene after running a man over, when the authorities pin the crime on Clinton Davis (Samuel L. Jackson), who they believe is a serial killer. When Mitch realizes that the victim was really running away from Clinton, a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse ensues. Erin Karpluk and Gloria Reuben co-star in this upcoming thriller, debuting in limited release and on VOD formats January 17.

Reasonable Doubt was released January 17th, 2014 and stars Dominic Cooper, Samuel L. Jackson, Gloria Reuben, Ryan Robbins, Erin Karpluk, Dylan Taylor, Karl Thordarson, Dean Harder. The film is directed by Peter Howitt.

Sources: Yahoo! Movies

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