Zuleikha Robinson: Hidalgo

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ABOVE: (Left) Viggo Mortensen stars as Frank T. Hopkins, one of the greatest riders the American west has ever known, whose legend comes to life when he is invited to compete in the Ocean of Fire, a 3,000-mile race across the Arabian desert, in Touchstone Pictures'action-adventure "Hidalgo." (Center Left) Omar Sharif plays Sheikh Riyadh, who extends Hopkins the invitation to compete. (Center) Zuleikha Robinson is Juira, Sheikh Riyadh's strong-minded daughter. (Center Right) Louise Lombard plays Lady Anne Davenport, a British aristocrat who owns a competing horse. (Right) Adam Alexi-Malle appears as Aziz, Sheikh Riyadh's right-hand man. BELOW (Left) Adoni Maropis plays Sakr. (Center Left) Peter Mensah is Jaffa. (Center) Said Taghmaoui plays Prince Bin al Reeh who rides Sheikh Riyadh's horse. (Center Right) Silas Carson plays Katib, who has designs on Sheikh Riyadh's throne. (Right) Joshua Wolf Coleman plays Lady Davenport's rider, Sheikh Riyadh's rider.