Logan Lerman: Review By Jia Jonas

"Just Astounding in Every Role"
Logan is an astounding actor. It's quite funny, because I went to see Percy Jackson and the Olympians in the theatres, but I never recognized him as Logan. Also, a couple of years ago, I found myself watching Logan and Dean's videos on Youtube without knowing who they are. I actually found myself intrigued with Logan because of Jack & Bobby, shown, but cancelled on the WB. A random link on the webpage I was on was advertising the show, and I was like, "What the heck?"

Now, I've gone through and watched all of the movie's he's starred in, and I am just utterly astounded with the work he has done. His roles are so diverse in every film. It's crazy, because he was so talented at such a young age. I watched all of the film's in order, watching him as he aged, and his talent grew.

I'm just in awe of him. :D I'm excited to see him later on in the future.

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  1. Lesfal

    I think he needs to be in a big summer-type movie... so more people will know who he is. :-)

    4 years agoby @lesfalFlag

  2. Jia Jonas

    To Lesfal:
    I think it's awesome that he's Jewish! I'm not Jewish, but I still think that Judaism is an awesome religion! :) I'm Christian. He is beautiful. His eyes put me in a trance! I really like him because you don't see him everywhere. He's a low key actor who doesn't need to be in the spotlight all of the time, and I find that really awesome nowadays ;D

    4 years agoby @jia-jonasFlag

  3. Lesfal

    I agree, he is a great actor, and beautiful, too. :-) Not to mention down-to-earth, and he's Jewish, like me. He's just perfect!

    4 years agoby @lesfalFlag

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