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Evan Jacobs was born in 1973 in Queens, New York. He spent his formative years playing in punk bands and going to the movies. In 1993, he formed RINGSIDE RECORDS because "nobody else would put my band ICE out." In 1994, he declared that he wanted to be a screenwriter and in 1995, Evan wrote and directed his second script, WALKING BETWEEN THE RAINDROPS, described as "a love story without the love." Editing the film in a friend's bedroom, Jacobs released it to some positive reviews in nationwide fanzines and had some screenings in his hometown of Orange County, CA and nearby Santa Monica. Then Jacobs went into overdrive, making SAFETY IN NUMBERS in the spring, CURSE OF INSTINCT: 108's FINAL TOUR (a documentary about the last tour of Hare Krishna punk band 108) and THE TOLL COLLECTOR that summer. He was subsequently referred to as "the prolific Evan Jacobs" in the Fall 1997 issue of ALTERNATIVE CINEMA. Obtaining distribution through such companies as B-MOVIE.COM, FACETS MULTIMEDIA and TAPEWORM, copies of these films soon started appearing on the internet and in various video stores throughout the country.
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