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    Ethan Tudor W. is no stranger to the entertainment industry. As a child actor since the 1970&#8242s & having roles in such iconic shows as Little House on the Prairie to The Facts of Life, Leverage and The Middle. Ethan's been working as an actor his entire life. From Episodicals to Commercials, Television to Voice Over's and Feature Films, Ethan is an industry shaker! As host of The Neverhood Show at Blog Talk Radio, he started it as a hobby. Since then, it has grown to an international sensation with celebrities from far and wide joining the venue where fans come to hear their favorite celebrities talk about up current projects and events. The Neverhood Show, known for it's entertaining and interviewing has been written up in The New York Post and carried on Sirius XM. Ethan has a sensible approach that everyone from young to old can be entertained. And no one get's "Thrown Under The Bus".

    Born Jan 20th in Long Beach, CA. an only child; married in Los Angeles, CA October 2010 to Yolanda Fuentes. They soon found that Ethan's love of working in the industry could not be held back any longer. He had to continue his love of acting and working as an entertainer. With his wife's full support, they began their journey. Follow Ethan on his journey through Hollywood with his friends and fellow thespians Facebook, Twitter his blog and radio broadcast. Ethan is the ENTERTAINER for the NEW AGE!

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