Nicolas Cage Ready to ‘Kick-Ass’

Aaron Johnson and Lyndsy Fonseca also join the Matthew Vaughn project.

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Nicolas Cage, Aaron Johnson and Lyndsy Fonseca have boarded Kick-Ass, Matthew Vaughn's adaptation of the violent Mark Millar comic book.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Marvel Comics' Icon imprint book centers on a high school dweeb named Dave Lizewski who decides to become a superhero even though he has no athletic ability or coordination. Things change when he eventually runs into real bad guys with real weapons.

Johnson plays the dweeb and title character, while Fonseca plays the object of the teen's infatuation who believes Dave is gay. Cage is a former cop who wants to bring down a druglord and has trained his daughter (Chloe Moretz) to be a lethal weapon.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse is also in the cast.

Production is gearing for a fall shoot in London and Toronto.

Kick-Ass was released April 16th, 2010 and stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloe Moretz, Nicolas Cage, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Clark Duke, Evan Peters, Garrett M. Brown, Deborah Twiss. The film is directed by Matthew Vaughn.

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Comments (27)

  1. Radimus-83

    i don't know.... i just don't know...

    7 years agoby @radimus-83Flag

  2. Vamp

    This'll be awesome. Nicolas Cage is a great actor, I can't wait to hear more.

    7 years agoby @vampire2000Flag

  3. CelluloidDreams

    Nicolas Cage needs a hit! Actually let me take that back, Nic Cage "USE" to be a damn good actor..Now he is a 3 Rate Hack!

    His last couple of films sucked Incld, that really BAD Re-Make of "The Wicker Man" & the cheese ball film "Ghost Rider"!

    Wiat a seems Nicolas Cage "LOVES" to do Re-makes, & will do anything for a paycheck to pay the rent...since "Bangkok Dangerous" is also a "REMAKE" & "Bad Lieutenant" too!!

    7 years agoby @2movieguysFlag

  4. The Dark Knight

    I hate him too

    7 years agoby @thedarkknight23Flag

  5. Moviemaster75

    NICHOLAS CAGE?! it should be like mark whaleberg or sonmthin. not that i hate nicholas but hes gonna b in some bloody movies then

    7 years agoby @moviemaster75Flag

  6. Clockworkcookie

    Really? A movie called... KICK-ASS??? This can't be good.

    7 years agoby @clockworkcookieFlag

  7. MovieBuff

    Actually.. he looks dead. Or should be... i mean... just look at all the blood he's lost. The guy shouldn't have any blood left IN him. haha

    7 years agoby @moviebuff123Flag

  8. The Doctor

    Damn that guy on the Kick-ASS comic got beaten up bad.

    7 years agoby @ghettokidFlag

  9. The Doctor

    Brilliant news.

    7 years agoby @ghettokidFlag

  10. They call me ITCHY BALLS

    It's not hair, it's black weeds growing out from his head.

    7 years agoby @danbrchFlag

  11. The Dark Knight

    I hate his hair long

    7 years agoby @thedarkknight23Flag

  12. They call me ITCHY BALLS

    Ass-kickin' movie, I bet.

    7 years agoby @danbrchFlag

  13. AnchorPete

    This should be good. Mark Millar, who I interviewed this past weekend (check it out at
    Said that he has alot of control over the direction of the film, and it will be shot, pretty much frame for frame for the comic

    7 years agoby @anchorpeteFlag

  14. Radimus-83

    i have no doubt Nic Cage will have a new hair-cut for this. that would make it 3216 different hair-styles in 20 years!!

    7 years agoby @radimus-83Flag

  15. Marcusx

    i mite see this. that is if cage cuts his hair

    7 years agoby @marcusxFlag

  16. The Dark Knight

    remember what I'm talking about is bang c*ck dangerous

    7 years agoby @thedarkknight23Flag

  17. MovieBuff

    Hmmm... not sold yet. Let's see how the production company handles it. I'm not sold on ANY kind of superhero action/comedy. I like to see serious superhero movies. Those are the good ones. If you laugh at the protagonist, you can't take him serious.

    Not saying it can't make a sh*tload of money... I'm just not sold on it... yet.

    7 years agoby @moviebuff123Flag

  18. deeman138

    So is this going to be a dark action-comedy movie? Looks pretty cool to me.

    7 years agoby @deeman138Flag

  19. ...YeahButTheBookWasBetter

    the kid in kick-ass does have super powers, he has super determination, why else would a weak dweeb try to become a superhero? I agree with TDK on the genre if you do laugh during this movie itll probably be one of those "ugh i laughed because that was such an uncomfortable seen to watch" which can be fun

    7 years agoby @theboywhocriedsequelFlag

  20. The Dark Knight

    it says it an action drama thriller

    7 years agoby @thedarkknight23Flag

  21. The Dark Knight

    Dude JR I saw a clip from that movie and it was so f*cking stupid ,the effects where the guys had is chop off was so cheap and A dark Comedy really lol It doesn't look like one I'll have to check the trailer to see what you see cause ,with all do respect I really think your retarded.

    7 years agoby @thedarkknight23Flag

  22. The Kwisatz Haderach

    This should be well 'Kick-ass'

    7 years agoby @the-kwisatz-haderachFlag

  23. JR

    yeah should be sweet. just look at that bloody cover.. [drools]

    7 years agoby @supbitchFlag

  24. monkey03

    JR Payne, it's quite a comedy mixed with the exploit of a new-born vigilante.

    7 years agoby @monkey03Flag

  25. JR

    shut up dark that movie is gonna rock. this seems like a dark comedy.

    7 years agoby @supbitchFlag

  26. The Dark Knight

    Cool hopefully its not as gay as Bang c*ck Dangerous

    7 years agoby @thedarkknight23Flag

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