'Pacific Rim' Trailer

Guillermo del Toro directs this highly-anticipated sci-fi thriller about gigantic monsters unleashing their fury in southeast Asia.
Warner Bros. has finally unleashed the first trailer for Pacific Rim, the highly-anticipated action-thriller from director Guillermo del Toro. If you're a fan of sci-fi action and incredible monsters, consider this an early Christmas present. Check out the first footage from this upcoming summer thrill ride.

Pacific Rim was released July 12th, 2013 and stars Charlie Hunnam, Diego Klattenhoff, Idris Elba, Rinko Kikuchi, Charlie Day, Burn Gorman, Max Martini, Robert Kazinsky. The film is directed by Guillermo del Toro.

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Comments (108)

  1. SpideR-OnE

    looks interesting

    1 year agoby @spider-oneFlag

  2. Dan

    Also, this movie looks f*cking built for IMAX.

    1 year agoby @dan1Flag

  3. Superman81

    @dan1 yep, Ron Pearlman isnt getting any younger and he said he is ready to do another one.

    1 year agoby @superman81Flag

  4. The Cryptkeeper: Resurrected

    @dan1 Agreed, Hellboy 3 should most definitely be after this

    1 year agoby @cryptFlag

  5. The Cryptkeeper: Resurrected

    I have not even heard of this movie before that trailer, but damn, that looks awesome.

    1 year agoby @cryptFlag

  6. ollie-styrene

    F**k yeah!!!! this will be a ride.. Silly.. yes.. over the top.. yes.. but way cooler than transformers and battleship.. i think...

    1 year agoby @ollie-styreneFlag

  7. Dan

    But please, Hellboy 3 next!

    1 year agoby @dan1Flag

  8. Dan

    I love it. It speaks to my nerdiness in ways most movies cannot.

    1 year agoby @dan1Flag

  9. ejk1

    @the-movieghost I guess it would be less annoying to me if his projects weren't so, and I'm sad to say, lame. I mean look at the trailer. Doesn't seem a little too much like last year's trailer for Battleship, only with big monsters instead of big ships?

    1 year agoby @ejk1Flag

  10. moviegeek

    Mild thumbs up.. looks a bit sillier than I had hoped.

    1 year agoby @moviegeekFlag

  11. SherlockHolmes2009

    That was awesome, I would be scared sh*tless if that happened to me in the begining. Now Del Toro get to work on Hellboy 3 next and then work on that Frankenstein remake

    1 year agoby @SherlockHolmes2009Flag

  12. the MovieGhost

    I wish he would just do that already @ejk1. Give us the final chapter in Hellboy's story and cut ties. He hasn't ever struck me as being the type to milk something long after it's been relevant.

    1 year agoby @the-movieghostFlag

  13. Replicant

    @mka47 yeah, that's what I noticed too

    1 year agoby @felipe-11Flag

  14. Bawnian©-Dexeus

    @seiyaubw868 Kaiju, Godzilla, Japan, take your pick

    1 year agoby @bawnian-dexeusFlag

  15. Seiyaubw868

    The only problem I have with this film is the title, I mean can they get a better title? It's just not powerful enough to catch people's attention.

    1 year agoby @seiyaubw868Flag

  16. Mka47

    is that computer voice the chick from portal 2?

    1 year agoby @mka47Flag

  17. Seiyaubw868

    Men controling giant robots is way better than giant robots with a kid running around all over the place if you know what film I am talking about...

    1 year agoby @seiyaubw868Flag

  18. ejk1

    @superman81 And that's why you're to blame for the whole problem. I said one thing one time, and then said in the same statement that I hope to be proven wrong, and invited everyone to pile on when proven so. Look at any article since. I haven't bashed MOS. I've been objective. The Nolan story from earlier this week? I gave two sides, merely speculating that he may have ulterior motives, which is a possibility, whether you like it or not. Others are the same deal. You've been a crybaby since I said what I said. Fact is, you could have just said I disagree, and that would have been it. You haven't done that. You've kept this going. Because you're a bitch.

    1 year agoby @ejk1Flag

  19. Superman81

    @ejk1 I will give you that about both sides of argument. I never meant to give you sh*t about ur negative stance. Just was shocked at how passionate u seemed about it flopping.

    1 year agoby @superman81Flag

  20. Bawnian©-Dexeus

    @superman81 It remains to be seen

    1 year agoby @bawnian-dexeusFlag

  21. ejk1

    @superman81 But your giving an opinion on something that has yet to come out. Also, since you say you like to wait until the project comes out before making your opinion, why haven't you admonished those that say MOS is going to "Kick Ass?" They're doing the same thing I am, yet you don't say anything to them, except agree.

    1 year agoby @ejk1Flag

  22. Superman81

    @bawnian-dexeus I agree but TF has left a sour taste in some peoples mouth so Voltron might be hurt by it. I think with a good director and solid cast it can be a very good movie.

    1 year agoby @superman81Flag

  23. Superman81

    @ejk1 wtf you bitch, I never said it would bomb. Voltron has been talked about for years and constantly gets put off. Eventually fans give up and moviegoers that hear about it lose faith it will ever happen. Now on whether or not it will be good, ill wait till it comes out.

    1 year agoby @superman81Flag

  24. Bawnian©-Dexeus

    @superman81 Straight to the point, Transformers made giant robot movies now more possible to be made into live action than settling for cartoons or anime. Del Toro's inspired mech story has the upside of finding an audience, and given that it will have top performers and a good script, it should be a bonus. As for Voltron, again, if it has giant robots, the audience already familiar with this genre will go see it. And I the people can Google Voltron and in less than an hour, read enough to know what it is and watch the old show on youtube or buy it if they actually want to be familiar with the story.

    Besides, comparisons are bound to happen. Every studio wants a Transformers, a Dark Knight trilogy, an Avengers, a Toy Story and so on, so they will buy the film rights to already established genres and stories that are similar that have the chance to draw the same audience.

    If done right ,I will be there singing like a glorious canary. if ti sucks, then I lost 18 dollars.

    1 year agoby @bawnian-dexeusFlag

  25. Cripple

    I feel like all of my dreams just came true watching this. This is gonna be truly epic and beautiful. I will be there at midnight without fail.

    1 year agoby @crippleFlag

  26. ejk1

    @superman81 Oh do you feel that way? Even though it hasn't come out, how can you be sure? Dumbass.

    1 year agoby @ejk1Flag

  27. Superman81

    @bawnian-dexeus I feel Voltron would appeal only to a specific genre and not the overall moviegoer. I was a fan of the series but is it still relevant outside fans? I feel it would be compared to TF too much.

    1 year agoby @superman81Flag

  28. Rudy

    Looks good. Fell Good. Maybe this will pave the way for that Live-Action Voltron movie and a Gundam movie.

    1 year agoby @rudyFlag

  29. The Knight Has Risen

    Optimus Prime is now shivering in fear!

    1 year agoby @thehost91Flag